Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mark Henry Is A Top Star?

Today the worst news, and best news, is about Mark Henry. The news sites I read have all called him a top star.

I hate when the headlines to get you to click on the site are lies. Mark Henry IS NOT at all a top star. He sucks.

I can count on my hand, one hand, how many good matches Henry has had. I mentioned earlier on this page that Big Daddy V had a limited arsenal of moves, but this guy is really bad. Seriously, why is WWE still pushing the guy?

I hope he does quit, leaves, or whatever. The WWE does NOT need this idiot wrestling for their company. It doesn't put butts in the seat...and if he does wrestle Undertaker on the come back...I'm going to be sad.

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1 comment:

  1. How can it be that you hate Mark Henry and not cena. Mark Henry does way more moves than cena AND is realistic. Im sick of cena always toping ppl, ALL while looking so phony doing it. WWE is just too phony with cena.



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