Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WWE Pulls Trigger Too Early

WWE had me nearly getting the Summerslam ppv, the matches were set the set up seemed to be working in their favor and mine, and then they went and pulled Raw and Ecw into the worst possible story line driven stupidity that I've seen since the Katie Vick angle with HHH doing the act on a dead body with a Kane Mask on.

Seriously, the WWE totally did themselves in with having C.M Punk lose, Cena getting clobbered again, Vince spending so much time with regards to his so called "son" and the rest of the undercard taking a back seat to random antics.

Whatever happened to wrestling? Is WWE only Entertainment now? Is wrestling gone?

Maybe Tna will have something to say about this on Thursday, but something tells me their six sided monstrosity is going to have me bored to death as usual.

We need a #2 company that's not six sided.

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