Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ECW Hates Old Guys

The Boogeyman looked really good until he got demolished by the big man that used to be the world's largest lover. Oh man is this guy lame. He's intense, I give him that, but that's about all he has going for him. I know for a fact he doesn't have a whole can of wrestling ability.

Tommy Dreamer
is sure showing his age in this match against Elijah Burke...can anyone remember K-Qwik? Oh yeah.

Is anyone else tired of non-title matches? There must be only 1 contender for the Ecw Championship. With no secondary title on the show, there's no reason to draw fans into a storyline of a contender that is rising in the ranks. Plus, there's no tag champions. Why do I punish myself watching ECW? I guess it's for the hopes of seeing moves like that.

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