Friday, August 10, 2007

Wrestling News Sites Suck

I subscribe to a few wwe rss feeds, and I get my news daily. But I hate it when these sites claim that the WWE has released "SUPERSTARS" or "FIRED" someone. I always think that they have fired someone serious and when I get there it's no one but a jobber or guy I haven't even heard of!

Why do they report like this?

On this blog I don't report the news on the wrestling world like other sites. I don't do play by play, I give sole opinion. Some may agree, others may disagree, but all in all I try my best to make it at least credible. You don't see me fool the readers into clicking into my site by saying that WWE has fired a "Superstar", if someone gets fired I tell you about it in a way that makes it analytical. Like when Dupree got fired...that was worth talking about. If some lame OVW guy gets canned...what do I care? He wasn't on tv and he's not in this blog.

I wish more sites would be honest and be true to the fans that are reading their site, click on ads, and buying merch with their affiliates.

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