Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Boohoo Vinnie Mac

Vince McMahon came on Raw in an obvious ploy to get ratings. He went through raw with a sob story and some comic relief, that really had me going to sleep rather than entertained. Sad. Two things made Watching Raw great.

I was really into the battle royal. When The Sandman nearly one, I literally jumped onto my couch and cheered out loud! So did the Arena, which jumped to their feet and led a huge reaction! Was Raw going to get Extreme?


They killed it with an obvious twist, that I missed out when the idiot went underneath the bottom rope. Jerks. Regal wins...obviously.

I should've known.

Mickie James is hot. She lost weight. She's getting better in the ring. I liked the Women's match.

That's it folks. The rest of Raw was so boring and predictable. Not even IRS could save my tastes for the show. The Champion in a tag match? What is this WCW? BORING!

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