Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tommy Dreamer Smashed To Pieces

The big thing I noticed about last night's ECW was that Tommy Dreamer got smashed to pieces by Big Daddy V. WOW! Talk about pain, the guy is old, he's not a contender for the ECW Title so they make him do the job in painful fashion! Why couldn't they get Stevie Richards to do the job? He's on a winning streak anyways, what better way to send him back to the bottom of the barrel.

C.M Punk was placed in the Goldberg vs. Hogan position..he loses on television for free.

I don't want to get Summerslam now. Jerks.

I welcome comments, by the way, but if you're going to say stuff like "lets see you come up with an idea and get it on wwe tv", than you're going to get laughed at by me and the entire staff here at the WWE blog. Obviously I'm not affiliated with the wwe, but if they are going to cram content down my throat, I am not going to sit and be a fanboy.


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