Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Raw Crashes and Burns Fans

Raw wasted my time yet again. Oh yes. It’s said to say but I was looking forward to a night filled with wrestling, instead I had a lot of fluff and a few matches, and with a roster of so many people, I figured that a wrestling show could have well…wrestling.

Instead…the first initial moments of raw were spent with McMahon and Orton discussing who his “son” could possibly be.

My wife, who has been a growing fan, stated what I and many other long time fans felt:

“What does McMahon having an illegitimate son have to do with wrestling?”

That’s when she went to bed.

I was tempted to follow suit, because I knew Raw was going to suck, but I stuck around…then disaster after disaster.

Here’s something to note:

Snitsky Sucks. Get him off of television. How in the blue hell does he get to wrestle Cena out of the blue?

The Women’s Match suffered by having “pretty” girls instead of real wrestlers; why can’t WWE take Japan’s women’s division as a model to create real wrestlers that are women in the WWE.

Carlito and Kennedy could’ve done some great things…instead a double pin? Whatever.

Umaga is still around?

Oh and this is when I knew things were going to suck for me…I wake up at 4 am daily…this is bad….look!

I oddly liked Ron Simmons.

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