Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Raw Revelations: HHH Screws King Booker Again

True to form I'm not going to review Raw...I don't need to, you already saw it you already read reviews you already read recaps.


The big news is that HHH is going to squash the King Booker character at Summerslam, confirming what I've said previously about how Booker T. Did not want to go to raw for this very reason!

They are going to squash booker, make HHH look better, put the belt on Orton, and this is going to be bad.

I hate when HHH gains the upper hand and screws good talent along the way. I hope he tears his quad again!

The worst thing I remember about the last time these two met was that HHH said and I'm quoting here:

"The WWE Championship is not meant for people like you"

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1 comment:

  1. good talent...blah..booker t shouldnt even have the word talent used in the same sentence as his name...i hate the "king booker" gimmic never really cared for booker t in the first place...and as far as talent goes...ehh he doesnt have alot of that either...not to mention he sucks at cutting promos



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