Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ECW Results 9/9/08 and Review

ecw 9/9

We get Matt Hardy right off the bat, and for once he looks really strong. He comes out and cuts a championship promo, only to beat down Tony Atlas and Mark Henry, and the new champ walks away clean.

John Morrison defeated Evan Bourne

I could have done without the commercial break in the middle of this match, however it didn’t stop the action. Evan Bourne is once again proving that he’s the next big thing in the WWE. Morrison is quite good as a heel, and Bourne really had to fight him off in this one. We get a lot of high flying hits and misses, with the standard lucha/indie style, and in the end this match was definitely a contender for match of the week. I must note that Matt Striker calls the huracanrana the Frankensteiner! That’s pretty cool, citing Scott Steiner’s old finishing move. Evan Bourne had a nasty spill when Morrison put his feet up to block a standing moonsault and believe me, it looked painful; Morrison won after some interference from The Miz, giving Morrison an easy pinfall.

Jack Swagger defeated Josh Daniels

This is stupid. Jack Swagger "the all American" as he's nicknamed, this crap sucks. He's like the WWE's answer to Matt Morgan's new gimmick. Jack beats down a random jobber in a nearly silent match up. Josh Daniels just gets beat down for no apparent reason, and this match is a waste of everyone's time. If you like seeing job matches, here's your pick of the week, just brutal and to the point, but for no apparent reason. Jack Swagger wins, but who cares!

Finlay & Matt Hardy defeated Mike Knox & Mark Henry

This was a hard hitting tag team match. I liked it, for what it was, but it wasn't extreme by any means of the word. Finlay dominated early on, and was impressive against Mike Knox. Knox was really getting the boots taken to him by Finlay, but the tables turned and Mark Henry came in on the hot tag. However, this was short lived as the ECW Champ Matt Hardy came in and dropped everyone in sight. The match started to go downhill a little, but Finlay came in with a major interference, Hardy hits Knox with the twist of fate and the good guys get the victory in this match up.

ECW Results 9/9/08

John Morrison defeated Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger defeated Josh Daniels
ECW Champion Matt Hardy & Finlay defeated Mark Henry & Mike Knox

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  1. Yes, finally Matt Hardy is ECW Chapion! It's not long until Evan Bourne will get a title opportunity! What do you mean by Champ walks away clean?



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