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TNA Results 9/4/08 and Review: Sting vs. Fans

The opening of the show had Kurt Angle and Booker T in the ring mouthing off about how no one respects them for paving the way, similar to the Sting interview from last week. They of course, get interrupted by none other than Christian Cage and he too starts mouthing off, and like any good opener, they all brawl outside and inside the ring. Aj Styles runs out for the save, only to get Jim Cornette outside to make sure that Booker and Kurt are Banned from ringside during the four ways to glory qualifying match!

I hate Mike Tenay. He used to be “the professor” of wcw and had a lot of insight into the Lucha Libre that was permeating in the show, but here he just repeats the obvious, and basically reads a script. I don’t care if the announcers have scripts, but I am annoyed when the announcers are telling me the future of what a wrestler is going to say, or how things are going to play out. There is NO suspsense in TNA, because Tenay spoils any sort of surprise.

Samoa Joe Interview:

This thing sucks. Joe doesn’t need to look like a whiny champion, he just needs to drop people to the floor and prove that he’s not just a fat champion. He doesn’t need to pick fights with Sting or Kevin Nash, he needs to keep his mouth shut and just beat down anyone that comes out.

Rough Cut Consequences Creed:

Another inside look into Consequences Creed, and you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care about his background just yet. They need to wait for him to be a bigger superstar, then release this as a dvd or something. I don’t need to hear about a new guy, I want to hear from a bigger superstar, and if these are true shoots, they could make some money. This was lame. I’ll just leave it at that.

Sheik Bashir Interview:

This is stupid. I’m not sure that I believe anything this guy says just yet either. He’s too young of a star in TNA. I’m not talking about age, I’m talking about his career in TNA, which has what? Two matches or so? They don’t need an interview segment with this guy just yet, he needs more matches and then we can rally against him, instead of just having him be a scapegoat for American patriotism in wrestling. Sheik talks about how America stole things from him and how he hates America, the same gimmick that other Middle Eastern wrestlers had.

Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir

Sheik had full control of this match early on, and there was a lot of offense for such a shortly advertised match up. This is of course a response to the x-division title shot that Creed was gunning for, but Sheik interfered, causing this match up to be set up. This match took a turn for Creed as he started to go on a roll with his usual move set and it looked as though Consequences Creed was en route to win, but out of nowhere Sheik rolls up Creed, and uses the ropes to get the win!

However, the fans were booing the crap out of Sheik, and the Ref overturns the results, and restarts the match!

The match then just was another quick reversal, a sunset flip roll up and while Sheik firmly had his hands on the rope, the ref kicked his hands out and Sheik loses this match to Creed and the chance to go after the X-Division title at the next ppv.

Post match, Sheik slaps the Referee, but he starts to fight back, and goes crazy on Sheik. This ref is super good too, and makes Sheik look like an idiot, because he gets no offense in, and the crowd goes crazy.

Kevin Nash interview:

Nash offers nothing new. He says he wants to talk to Joe. Nash is way past his prime, even on the mic, he’s way past his prime.

The Prince Justice Brotherhood promo:

The superheroes are backstage with Beer Money and it’s hilarious. Curry Man is just awesome, they have a major superstar there, and I’m not sure why he’s not getting more of a push. However, the two factions start fighting and security just so happens to be right there for the save. Things get ugly, and we cut to commercial.

Beautiful People Promo:

The Beautiful People are backstage making stupid statements, and say they are going to have a beauty contest at the next ppv. I still think that the Beautiful People resemble porno actresses instead of wrestlers, but that’s just me.

Beer Money defeated Shark Boy & Super Eric

Curry Man was suppose to be in this match, however, he didn’t show up. The camera crew find him in the back getting cornered by Christy Hemme, and Shark Boy takes his place in this match. Beer Money starts off this match strong, and I’m glad that TNA is pushing these guys well. I’m glad to see that the tna tag team champions aren’t just jobbing to random people, these guys are a great team and they are really proving that tag team divisions can be reliable sources for great wrestling. This match was basically a squash match, but Beer Money looked great, and like a true tag team, true champions!

It’s also worth noting that in the middle of the match, the camera crew checked up on Curry man and he was getting stomped out by The Rock & Roll Infection.

Post match, Hernandez comes through and Beer Money flee to the outside. However, Homicide shows up and starts to rail against Beer Money, and he cleans house!

Abyss defeated Johnny Devine

This was cool, Abyss comes out swinging and it was an awesome match. Abyss basically annihilates Devine, and while I usually hate squash matches, this was entertaining to me. I assume this is how Kane would be if he stepped up his game. Abyss basically kills Devine with some heavy moves, seriously heavy.

The match didn’t end as far as I could see, because Team 3-D came down and interfered with the match up. Then Matt Morgan ran down to save Abyss, and cleared things up.

I was hoping for more insight into this, but instead we get to see ODB trying to take a dump? Yeah, she runs to the bathroom and takes a dump. I wish I was kidding.

ODB defeated Raisha Saeed

ODB puts on a good show against Raisha, and I was impressed that once again, TNA’s women’s division just makes for a great match up. This is the best part of TNA Impact, because the majority of the show is not that great. These women really put it all on the line in the ring and are NOT divas at all, TNA’s women division is the best part of being a professional wrestling fan.

ODB edges out Saeed and wins this grudge match.

Post match, ODB tries to demask Raisha and has no major luck until they are off camera. Awesome Kong comes flying out of the backstage area and beats down ODB, delivering the implant buster on her. Roxie comes out for the save but is eventually beaten down, and Roxie gets dropped by Kong with the Awesome Bomb onto a chair, and security runs through to help. The Tna women’s division is the greatest thing to happen to Tna ever.

AJ Styles Interview:

Aj Styles runs his mouth and calls out Sting, then calls out Christian. I must admit, this was the most whiny interview I’ve seen in my years of wrestling viewing. Aj Styles says that Sting has done nothing to deserve respect and that he’s always on the road away from his kids.

Uh….you mean wrestling in Florida means he’s away from his family? Wouldn’t he just buy a house in Florida? I mean, 80% of TNA shows are in FLORIDA! Aj is an idiot, I don’t buy this promo, and really don’t care for Aj’s whining. Shut up, go out there and beat down Christian, and let Sting be…he’s an idiot too.

Christian Cage defeated Aj Styles

This was a good back an forth match up. I didn’t know who to root for, as both men were putting on a clinic of pure wrestling ethos. Neither man was getting the clear cut edge, and both were great in ring. Christian has really improved since he left WWE a while ago, and Aj still has some amazing aerial maneuvers. This match was ppv quality, and if you missed it, go and see it. The best spot is definitely the reversal of the superplex into Christian’s frog splash. It took a split second, but if you caught it, you had to be impressed with how Christian executed that move. Aj definitely looked like the winner towards the end, but right when things were going to go in his favor, the referee gets knocked out. Frank Trigg runs out with a kendo stick and knocks out AJ Styles, causing Christian Cage to win this match and qualify for the main event at the ppv, and now he gets another shot at the TNA championship belt.

Sting Promo:

Sting comes out and cuts a face promo? Joe comes out and confronts Sting, and then Kevin Nash comes out too. I’m not sure where TNA was going with this, but I had my ideas, and they weren’t entertaining. Sting hit Joe with the bat and then hits the Stinger death drop on Joe! Jeff Jarrett’s music hits, only to get cut off by Sting, and the show ends horribly.

TNA Impact Results 9/4/08

Consequences Creed defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir
Beer Money defeated Shark Boy & Super Eric
Abyss defeated Johnny Devine
ODB defeated Raisha Saeed
Christian Cage defeated Aj Styles

Impact wasn’t half bad. I do still think that Impact could be better without all the promo’s and random interviews. However, there are some great matches on this show. There were at least three good quality matches, and then there was a lot of stupid things. The TNA Knock outs are awesome! Overall, not a bad show.

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