Friday, September 12, 2008

TNA Results 9/11/08 and Review

I didn’t want to watch Tna Impact this week, I was burnt out from work, and I was just overall not feeling it. But I managed to watch it, and though there is a lot of talking on the show, I managed to focus on the wrestling, since that’s what Impact is suppose to deliver most.

On one note though, I’m getting tired of seeing the TNA video game entrances, it looks like the old N64 games, which could be bad or good depending on your point of view. I didn't go into detail with every single promo, every interview, because that takes me forever to write down and comment on, so I just focused on the actual wrestling found on Impact, which makes things easier for me and you.

Abyss vs. Christian Cage ended in a No Contest

I wasn’t too thrilled with this match at first, I thought it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. However, I’m a huge fan of the low dropkick, and after Christian hit that on Abyss, I marked out huge. However, Abyss thwarted any comeback that Christian had, catching him off of the Frogsplash, and I was really drawn in. I don’t understand the whole angle where Abyss is growing anxious and how he can’t put away Christian. We didn’t get a winner because Kurt Angle and Booker T rushed the ring and beat the crap out of Christian. Abyss just stood there for a while, then got involved, turning on Angle and Booker, however that was short lived because Angle and Booker started to beat down the monster! Abyss was about to get his brains scrambled but Matt Morgan made the save, and this will most likely push Morgan into the main event world of TNA, much to my dismay.

Taylor Wilde won an evening gown face off. Way to make the knockouts look dumb, so much for the wrestling, as we’re getting treated to WWE Style divas gimmick matches, so lame.

Angelina Love won a bikini showdown. What a load of crap this was. I must also note that the Prince Justice Brotherhood were the judges. This sucks. I hate this stupid crap.

Awesome Kong defeated Roxie in a Bimbo Brawl

Kong destroyed Roxie, but Roxie did manage a good amount of offense before Kong took over. Roxie gets busted open, receives chair shots, and loses the match with Kong’s finisher. Afterwards she was going to give more punishment to Roxie but ODB showed up to save the day. She then hits the referee with the chair!

Samoa Joe defeated Johnny Devine, Lance Rock, Tyson Tomko

I thought Tomko quit? I guess not, because here he is getting squashed by Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe just rolls through three idiots fast, and easy. They just squashed three of their newer talents, and I guess that’s ok right? I like Joe and all, but he doesn’t need to defeat some jobbers to get over at this point, he’s the champion, and a horrible one at that. Tomko did put on a lot more fight than the first two guys, and while it was short, Samoa Joe didn’t beat Tomko as quickly as the first two opponents in this gauntlet style match up.

Taylor Wilde defeated Angelina Wilde in a talent contest
. Once again, this was stupid, I’m tired of seeing this random diva crap on TNA. This shouldn’t be anything like WWE and I can’t believe I have to sit through this crap. TNA is turning the knockouts into the WWE divas with crap like this.

Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan defeated Abyss and Matt Morgan

Could this be the new “it” tag team? It could be, and Abyss did a great job teaming with Morgan. I didn’t completely hate Morgan in this match, and it looked like Abyss and Morgan had this match sewed up completely. I was actually enjoying this until Team 3-D ran to ringside and hit Abyss with a chair, knocking him out and allowing Kurt Angle to win this match up for his team. This match was ok, but I hope this doesn’t lead to Matt Morgan getting title shots and singles matches, I can watch him as a tag team partner of Abyss but not alone.

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