Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ecw 9/23/08 Results and Review

ECW came through once again on Sci Fi with no nonsense wrestling at its finest. Jim Ross was on commentary, and they were coming from Ohio State University! Todd Grisham was NOT on the show!

The Miz and Morrison opened the show and started to whine about how the new Superstars are messing them up. Teddy Long showed up and said what’s up, and told the former champs that the young bucks will continue to astonish and come through ECW. This prompted Ricky Ortiz came out and I swear he looks like the guy from Final Fight, anyone else feel that way?

Ricky Ortiz

Finlay defeated Bam Neely

If anyone thought that Bam Neely was going to win this one than you’re an idiot. Seriously, this match was somewhat boring. It was a standard squash match and Finlay once again gets an easy night in the WWE by defeating the most useless body guard of all time. I hope Bam gets fired soon.

Maryse defeated Michelle McCool

Word on the street is that Michelle McCool is going out with the Undertaker, and some might even say that’s why she’s the diva’s champion, but that’s neither here nor there. McCool is putting up some good matches, even though I don’t know if she’s all that great. Maryse is NOT that good, and actually looks like a fish out of water out there. There are moments in this match where Maryse is busy adjusting her outfit, rather than being the aggressor. There are even moments where Stryker and Ross talk about how Maryse isn’t capitalizing on her opportunities. Just after they said that, Maryse dropped McCool with a spike DDT and McCool loses this match after getting thrown off the top rope and the spike DDT. Maryse wins? Yep.

Mike Knox defeated Chase Stevens

Knox defeated Stevens easily. The most impressive part of this match up was that Knox was actually over with the crowd. The crowd even counted the one, two, three in this match. Jim Ross was basically selling Knox to the home audience waxing over how great he is as if Mike Knox was the second coming of HHH. Post Match Jack Swagger came out and dropped Stevens only to prompt Knox to come back to ringside, distracting Tommy Dreamer whom ran down for the save, and of course Jack Swagger drops Tommy Dreamer for his troubles. Swagger then is billed as an All American Wrestling machine, and the announce team really try to sell this guy to me. I don’t buy it.

The Miz and John Morrison wrestled to a No Contest

The Miz and John Morrison put on a good match, and I admit The Miz is the most improved wrestler that I've seen in a long time. I recall when he first showed up in WWE I was first to call him a Reality Show retard, but this guy is good now. NOt great, but good enough to be out there with Morrison and put on an entertaining match up. Towards the end of this match, I was really starting to get into it, and I thought it was great. I actually started to appreciate the effort that these two were putting into the match, and so did the live crowd who was starting to come alive towards the closing of this match up. The two butted heads while trying to do a top rope maneuver and both were counted down and both lost. Post match, Ricky Ortiz came out and did the BIG O on both guys then ran out of the ring and gave his rally towel to a pretty lady. (That's questionable)

ECW 9/23/08 Results

Finlay defeated Bam Neely
Maryse defeated Michelle McCool
Mike Knox defeated Chase Stevens
The Miz and John Morrison wreslted to a No Contest

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