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Tna Impact Results 9/18/08 and Review The Return of Double J

I admit, I didn’t want to watch TNA, I dreaded what was coming on, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I just hoped I was wrong, and with a whiny Samoa Joe starting things off, I fastened my seatbelt and waited for wrestling to show up on TNA Impact…I had my fingers crossed, and here’s how the wrestling went down.

Does anybody else get annoyed at how much whining Samoa Joe does? I liked him better when he was dominating the x-division and putting on 4 star matches with the likes of The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Now he’s just whining about how Sting isn’t always there to sacrifice. Lame, if you ask me.

Christian Cage & Aj Styles defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

I’m not sure why TNA puts two of their main event caliber wrestlers opening up the show with a couple of jobbers. The Machine Guns are good, but they haven’t proven themselves at all, and are usually put into these hot shot tag team matches only to lose. If you had money on The Machine Guns, you were sadly disappointed with yet another loss for the young guns of TNA. The good guys win this one easily, and it does nothing to forward their individual paths in TNA. Post match one of the Machine Guns flips Christian the bird, and the announcers go nuts about how Sting was right.

Please fire Mike Tenay and Don West! Worst announcers ever.

Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, and Jimmy Rave The Prince Justice Brotherhood

We had six man tag team action with the superheroes of TNA and three other jobbers. I kid, those guys aren’t jobbers, they are part of the Rock and Roll infection and the former x-division champion and current Scott Steiner clone Petey Williams. This match was quick, and really didn’t have time to develop at all. The best parts of the match featured Petey Williams, as he is very talented, despite his looks. The Justice Brotherhood won this one easily, and that was that, they left the ring fast.

Post match though, things got really exciting. The Rock and Roll Infection triple teamed Petey Willaims and during the melee, Lance Hoyt pushed the ref, but the ref got angry and started to fight back! Williams and the ref both started to clean house, and beat down the bad guys, and things get really good, Earl Hebner comes out to calm the ref down, and we’re most likely going to get the ref wrestling someone in the near future. Overall the best part of Impact so far was this post match melee, because the actual wrestling was too short and didn’t feature anything worthwhile.

Booker T defeated Jay Lethal

I’m not sure why I was so interested in this match up. But it was probably the best thing in wrestling this week. Black Machismo used to be more Macho Man-esque, but now he’s not really doing as much to resonate with Randy Savage fans. If you remember, Randy Savage did a lot of rest holds, alongside fast clotheslines, and top rope double axe handle smashes. Savage was fast, and he had a certain move set, but he had a charisma that Lethal doesn’t really have, even though Booker T is a great opponent to try and unleash more Randy Savage mannerisms. Lethal put in a lot of work into this matchup, and Booker T looked as though he wasn’t going to win this one, but right when I was thinking this thought, Booker T hit the scissors kick and BOOM, Lethal was out for the count and Booker T defeats Black Machismo clean with the scissors kick. Not half bad, I enjoyed it greatly.

Rhino & Taylor Wilde defeated Kip James & Velvet Sky

This match sucked. Kip James is huge, that’s what I realized when watching this match. He’s a huge guy, and he’s not being used in any capacity as a wrestler other than to act gay just like he was acting way back when. Rhino is ok, but I can’t rally behind him unless he’s goring people through tables. This match was really slow and boring, and while I should’ve cared a bit more, I just couldn’t stand to see these four wasting their talent on such a lackluster match. There was a lot of stalling, and a lot of misses that just seemed too obvious to be good. For example, Rhino is in the corner, Kip stalls, and then runs at him, and goes for a splash, but everything seemed to be in slow motion so Rhino moves out of the way, meanwhile Kip holds the ropes to let himself down onto the turnbuckle slowly, and reacts as though that move knocked the wind out of him. Taylor Wilde ducks a shot with pipe of sorts, then gets the win out of nowhere, and this match is finally over. This is the lowest point in the TNA Impact show, and the worst match I’ve seen in a long time. I’d rather see a WWE Jobbers match than watch this one ever again. I couldn’t even focus on the women to distract me, this match sucked, and it really made me want to go back to sleep.

The Double J Return

Double J Returned tonight, and boy did he have a lot to say. He basically told Sting that he was no better than the veterans of WCW and that the guys in the back are just waiting for him and Angle alongside Booker T to just step aside. I was impressed with this segment, and it was incredible to hear someone say that the veterans need to move out of the way and make the younger guys stars, BUT, this isn’t going to happen, you know it isn’t going to happen. Double J is stellar, and I’m happy to see him back in the business.

The best part of this promo at the end of Impact was Kurt Angle’s response to Double J. He called the fans assholes, he said that He alone carried the company for 2 years, single handedly! He then said that Double J is a has been and that if Jeff wants to come out and talk than he better be ready to get socked out. Kurt Angle then tells Double J to get the hell out of the ring, and that HE’S Not a wrestler and doesn’t have anything left.

What happens next is something that could’ve been great, but instead just simply makes me hate TNA. Mick Foley shows up on screen and cuts a Cactus Jack Promo, Mick Foley is now officially in TNA!

TNA Impact 9/18/08 Results

Rhino & Taylor Wilde defeated Kip James & Velvet Sky
Booker T defeated Jay Lethal
Christian Cage & Aj Styles defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Johnny Devine, Petey Williams, and Jimmy Rave The Prince Justice Brotherhood

This edition of TNA Impact had a total of 4 matches. 2 Hours, 4 matches, is this WWE? What a joke.

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