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Raw results 9/1/08 and Review Orton’s Return

I’m back from vacation and not a moment too soon, as we got an interesting Raw.

Randy Orton comes out with an arm sling and puts everyone in the back on blast. He says everyone sucks and that the champions on Raw are weak. He then calls out C.M Punk who obliges and comes out to fire back. Orton is gold on the mic, and Punk fires back too, Punk has gotten really good at defending himself against the heels.

Orton stops short of brawling, and decides to leave the ring.

JBL comes out and talks smack, then Kane comes out, and finally Batista comes out and starts to knock people out.

This opening segment wasn’t all that great to me. In fact I didn’t like it that much and didn’t want Orton to arrive just yet. Most likely, Punk is going to lose the title due to interference with Orton.

Kofi Kingston defeated Charlie Haas (Dressed as John Cena)

Everyone thought John Cena was going to come out to wrestle, but nope. It was just Charlie Haas dressed as John Cena, and it was hilarious! I loved last week’s Charlito gimmick, but this feels a bit weird now. I remember when Big Show had this gimmick, and it seemed to work for him, but this isn’t going to work to Charlie Haas at all. Kofi comes out and beats the crap out of Charlie, and the crowd enjoys another quick match up where Haas gets buried. How long before Charlie Haas gets fired? I don’t know, it seems like it’s going to be sooner than later.

The match was quick, and was boring for the most part. I’m already growing tired of Kofi and his spots. We need to give him more competition. Apparently his feud with Burchill is way over, meaning it’s done, and he’s not really chasing the Intercontinental Championship at the moment, so he’s wrestling a jobber…Charlie Haas. Haas has fallen a long way since his days as a part of the world’s greatest tag team with Shelton Benjamin. Kofi wins easily, and I’m tired.

Backstage Adamle Segment:

There was a backstage segment with Teddy Long and Mike Adamle about two matches for later on in the night, and Kane interrupts. This further brings the speculation that Rey Mysterio will not be at Unforgiven, but rather it is going to be Mike Adamle dressed up as Rey Mysterio! You just wait!

ECW Champion Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy, Finlay, The Miz & Chavo Guerrero in a Battle Royal

If they wanted to make Mark Henry a real monster, this did it for sure. Mark Henry simply dominated the match up. The crowd was over on Hardy and was going crazy, I kid you not, the crowd can not get any louder for a super star right now, and as Mark Henry was starting to lose, he somehow managed to get things back and rolling, winning over the rest of the ECW staff. Mark Henry is not a great wrestler, but he’s proving that he can definitely get things moving.

Jamie Noble defeated William Regal

I’m not sure where this story is going, but Jamie Noble finally wins a match! Yeah, the little guy gets beaten down for the majority of the match up. He basically trashes Noble for 75% of this match and he really just beats the crap out of the smaller opponent. Noble is getting paid to get beaten down week after week, as if he’s Mikey Whipwreck, and yet he lacks the audience participation. Regal loses a match after a roll up, and this is suppose to be a convincing win? This is dumb, and the diva he has with him doesn’t help things for me. Sorry. The match up wasn’t a technical classic by any stretch of the word, but it was interesting to see none the less. Noble has a lot of talent, but it’s really wasted in these matches as he just gets beat down a whole lot.

Candice Michelle, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill in a Six-Diva Tag Match

The women’s match up was ok. It was just your average match up with tags, and while some of it was definitely great, you can’t help but notice which divas are good in ring and which ones suck. There’s a lot of them that aren’t that great, and I’m not sure when the WWE is going to get more divas in there. In this match up, there are six divas in the ring, and you know what? That’s the whole division isn’t it? Well, it’s a good majority of it, and while these six women have improved since the debut of the diva’s in wwe, I think that this is better than usual. I liked it for what it was, and seeing some of the missteps only made me believe that some of the women genuinely don’t like each other backstage. I liked the match, and enjoyed seeing Candice Michelle come back, although she reminded me a lot of Victoria when she returned after an injury a few years back.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated D-Lo Brown in a non-title match

I’m not sure why I thought this was going to be greater. It wasn’t all that great at all. Santino still doesn’t do a lot of wrestling, however his promo was funny, and he’s really a good guy to get beat down. He really took a fast beating and I thought for sure that D-Lo was going to win, but nope, right when I had a glimmer of hope, D-Lo does the job and gets beat clean. D-Lo goes for the frogsplash and misses, only to get Santino defeating D-Lo brown easily.

Cryme Tyme and The Miz & John Morrison wrestled to a no-contest

The first thing I thought when I saw this match up, was that I didn’t like how they were setting this up for failure. Why is Cryme Tyme wrestling Miz and Morrison? They aren’t even on the same program. This match ended before it started, and Dibiase and Rhodes came down to the ring and beat down Cryme Tyme. Of course Miz and Morrison still get paid, but oh well. The tag champions finally look good! Seriously, it’s about time the tag team champions look strong! I think that these guys could be great, if they continue to roll through with this type of mean streak!

Kane defeated World Champion CM Punk, Batista and JBL in a Battle Royal

This was a good ending to what otherwise a lackluster showcase. I really liked how this went through. The main event is not half bad, these wrestlers are definitely a lot better than just having Cena roll over everyone. They finally got Kane to win something! Seriously, it’s about time that Kane got a push, but it was short lived as Rey Mysterio Returned to WWE Raw tonight! The match had it’s moments, I admit it. C.M. Punk was trying to solidify his legacy and Orton was ringside. Punk had the crowd way behind him, it was great. A great spot happened at the end, when Kane caught Punk off the top rope and immediately threw him out of the ring and onto the floor right in front of Randy Orton. Orton and Punk stared each other down, and this is going to get exciting if you ask me. Punk shoved water in Orton's face, and I thought Orton was going to take his sling off and beat down Punk. Instead, like I said earlier, Rey Mysterio Jr. returned to Raw!

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho Contract Signing:

Has there ever, ever, been a contract signing that didn't end up in a huge melee or fight between the two competitors? I don't ever remember a signing that didn't have major beat downs or fights, or anything break out. However, Jerry Lawler warned the competitors that if anything got physical the match at Unforgiven would be off. Things seemed to be going amicably, and then Jericho got on the mic and said that they didn't need security. Michaels and Jericho dismiss the security, and everyone clears the ringside area, and that's it. No security, just HBK and Chris Jericho. Jericho just lays it on thick and calls out Shawn Michaels, and the tension just gets heavier and heavier. Shawn Michaels then drops the promo of his life, and he gets into Chris Jericho's face!

The two then stand up face to face and I thought for sure it was going to go down right then and there. Lance Cade shows up and gets the living hell beat out of him. I kid you not, Lance Cade gets the living hell beaten out of him by Shawn Michaels.

A good ending to Raw.

WWE Raw Results 9/1/2008

Kofi Kingston defeated Charlie Haas
ECW Champion Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy, Finlay, The Miz & Chavo Guerrero in a Battle Royal
Jamie Noble defeated William Regal
Candice Michelle, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeated WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill in a Six-Diva Tag Match
Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella defeated D-Lo Brown in a non-title match
The tag team match between Cryme Tyme and The Miz & John Morrison ended in a non-contest
Kane defeated World Champion CM Punk, Batista and JBL in a Battle Royal

The show went well, and I liked most of it, however, it wasn't all that memorable. I liked it for what it was, but I wasn't completely sold on all the matches as the wrestling really lacked luster for a whole lot.

I was reading online and I hear that Shawn Michaels has injured his bicep. That could be a swerve, or it could be real. We'll see what happens right?

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