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WWE Smackdown Results 9/5/08 and Review

WWE Smackdown rolls through town, just a few days before Unforgiven and we get immediately treated to the Undertaker and Vickie saga, and who knows how it is going to turn out! This looks awesome, the WWE editors are amazing, and they do such great things with these promos, when they are on, they are on, sometimes they aren’t as good, but this opening was cool. Undertaker is looking scarier than ever, that’s for sure.

Triple H promo:

Triple H comes out to cut a promo only to get interrupted by the participants in the championship scramble. Nothing too great here, except for the closing portions. The Brian Kendrick ambushed Triple H and then knocked him down when Ezekiel distracted him, then came in the rest of the heels, only to get thwarted by Jeff Hardy. Hardy started beating everyone down, then Ezekiel once again was the equalizer, only to get Triple H coming back with a chair and clearing the ring. Great set up for the scramble, and The Brian Kendrick looked great in this one, and if he wins, I’ll be happy. He won’t, but I want him to win.

R. Truth defeated Bam

R. Truth did his usual stuff, and was impressive. However, Bam is nothing more than a glorified jobber and is probably one of the worst bodyguards in WWE history. He loses this match and Chavo doesn’t even get involved to help out. Truth wins this one easily. Some might find that Truth’s move set is generic and is what he’s always been doing, but I beg to differ, it’s fresh and hopefully he gets some better opponents, or else things are going to be bad for Truth’s future in the WWE. He’s still new, so maybe he’ll just get through some squashes.

The Undertaker Segment:

The Undertaker cuts a promo promising that he is going to send Vickie Guerrero straight to hell. Quite honestly, I don’t really give a crap about this. Undertaker winning the world championship would be an amazing thing, but since things are not looking like they are headed towards Triple H vs. Undertaker anytime soon, we might have to wait for a while. Undertaker than disappears and we’re left with an empty ring.

Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP

This seemed to be set up recently thanks to Shelton Benjamin dropping MVP on Smackdown. This match was looking good to start off, and MVP really took advantage of Shelton’s na├»ve behavior by pretending that he quit and was walking away. This was short lived though as MVP soon found himself fighting off the U.S Champion through various steps of the gold standard’s move set. However, right when I thought Benjamin was going to win, MVP nailed him with a drive by kick and I switched my opinion, thinking that MVP could get the upper hand. A near fall later and out of nowhere, Shelton Benjamin threw up the Pay Dirt and BOOOM MVP loses to the U.S Champion clean.

Divas Backstage segment:

I have no idea what these chicks were talking about. I was bored. I thought Maria was stupid? Now she’s acting all smart. I don’t like either one of these divas. I think it was Maryse and Maria? I don’t know, it was boring, I didn’t pay much attention to this.

Maryse defeated Maria

This match, although well executed somewhat well, is a horrible example of what women can do in professional wrestling. The women seem to be forcing themselves to perform certain moves, and they don’t look like they know what they are doing at all. If you like staring at skinny chicks trying to wrestle, then you probably enjoyed this match. There was a lot of clotheslines and attempted moves off the top rope. The execution at times was just completely horrible, and I couldn’t wait for this match to be over. Maryse dropped Maria on her head with a ddt, and the crowd was completely dead. This match sucked, and the divas division in the WWE makes me hate Smackdown.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Jeff Hardy

The new guy and the old guy, and Hardy looked to be favoring his knee yet again. I’m not sure if this was a work or if Hardy was legitimately injured. Kendrick had this match sewn up, but one quick mistake and Hardy took advantage creating a huge gap between the beginning of the match and the center-piece. Hardy did put on a show, putting on some moves that he hasn’t done before, and I think Kendrick is amazing in the ring. He looked as though he was not going to pull off the win, but with a little help from Ezekiel, The Kendrick defeated Jeff hardy after landing “The Kendrick” finishing maneuver. The Kendrick is by far the highlight of the Smackdown roster right now, and he does in fact remind me of a young Brian Pillman, and that’s a great thing.

Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock

Super Crazy won a squash match. There wasn’t a whole lot to mention about this, all that I know is that Braddock never stood a chance. Crazy is entertaining, but this match was nothing short of a lame squash match.

Post Match we get Kozlov coming out and asking for competition. He gets The Big Show coming out to the ring smiling, and he’s going to be the competition! They were about to brawl and right before they got into it, Vickie Guerrero comes out and stops the action.

Vickie threatens the Big Show and tells him to go home.

Vickie then says that she’s going to force Undertaker to apologize to her.

Brie Bella defeated Victoria

Another Squash match. Nothing major happened here, I was bored.

Triple H defeated The Great Khali

I didn’t think there were nearly enough lumberjacks, but I understood what the match was going for. The match overall wasn’t half bad, but once again I couldn’t help but root for Khali. I’m tired of seeing Triple H winning all the time, and once again he wins this match up against Khali without much of a recourse. The standard match was seen here, as Triple H has become comfortable in his move set and Khali hasn’t changed up anything since he showed up in the WWE a few years back. Triple H wins this one, but the winner really is none other than Hard, who stood over the champion and had the last say in this match up. Not half bad.

WWE Smackdown 9/5/08 Results

R-Truth defeated Bam Neely
United States Champion Shelton Benjamin defeated MVP (Non-title)
Maryse defeated Maria
The Brian Kendrick defeated Jeff Hardy
Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock
Brie Bella defeated Victoria
WWE Champion Triple H defeated The Great Khali (Non-title Lumberjack Match)

This edition of Smackdown was really well done. There was a lot of wrestling on this show, and if you’re a fan of WWE you more than likely enjoyed Kendrick and the main event. MVP’s match was good too, and even R-Truth wasn’t half bad. This whole even was good, and dare I say it was the best thing that happened this week in professional wrestling.

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