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Raw Results 9/15/08 and Review

Live from Memphis, Tn we get a great kick off to Raw with the world heavyweight title. This has to be a first in a long time, as we haven’t seen a legitimate cage match on Raw in a long time, nor have we opened Raw with a legitimate world title match.

Chris Jericho defeated C.M Punk in a Steel Cage Match

The match was actually evenly matched. We had offense from both sides of the coin, with Punk getting in a lot of punishment early on, and losing control midway through. Chris Jericho turned things around after the commercial break, and slapped on the Walls of Jericho, and Punk was nearly outside of the ring. At one point he even had one foot outside of the steel cage and was on his way to victory, but Jericho managed to drag him back in. A big highlight was Punk putting up a knee during Jericho’s Lionsault attempt, clearly hurting the champion. The ending came when C.M. Punk hit Jericho with a head-butt and knocked Jericho right out of the door! Jericho literally fell out of the ring, missed the stairs and landed straight on his back!

This match was great, but I didn’t like how there wasn’t any blood, and how the match wasn’t very long at all. They made it seem somewhat easy to get into this match, and I believe that both men have longer cage matches in them, but of course, this is Raw so I’m sure they had to adjust for time constraints. Otherwise, this match was not half bad, watching Jericho and Punk shines a light on what could be to come from the WWE Raw side of things.

Candice Michelle defeated Jillian

This match was stupid. I still think that Candice is trying to hard to look and act like Victoria. I was impressed at one point when Jillian delivered a clean and good looking Samoan drop, but other than that, this match was stupid. I can do without all the moaning and groaning, from the hair pulling. The camera kept cutting to Beth Phoenix, who was ringside, and I must admit she looked nice without too much make up on. Back to the match, this was forgettable and the crowd didn’t seem to be too into it at all. In fact, this match was so bad that Jillian had some rest holds and was singing and yelling midway through the match, much to everyone’s dismay. I know she’s trying to get heat, but this is just ridiculous and isn’t doing anything good for me or the fans. This match was so bad, that even the commentary was lacking as Cole and The King had a lot of dead air and just didn’t have anything to say about this horrible match up. I blinked and missed the ending, but Candice Michelle won this match up, and was nearly breaking her bra or top, whatever you want to call it.

JBL defeated Tommy Dreamer

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, Tommy Dreamer needs to quit professional wrestling. I’m not sure what he is trying to accomplish anymore, he’s not chasing the ECW title, he’s just jobbing out all the time. I know that it sure beats working 9 to 5, but does it really? I’m not sure what Tommy Dreamer is getting paid, but he’s really taking a beating day in and day out and he’s never really winning anything, he’s just taking chair shots, and losing to established wrestlers. This was a great example of that. This match was not even five minutes in length and Dreamer got no offense in, he was manhandled by JBL then the clothesline from Hell and the quick win for JBL. This match sucked, and I hate when the ECW originals get squashed.

Post match, JBL sat in the ring demanding that Mike Adamle come out and make him the number 1 contender to the Heavyweight championship. It only prompted Randy Orton to come out and talk smack. This brought out Santino and Beth Phoenix, and our 10 o’clock main event is a promo, and I’m not sure what’s going on. This segment dragged on and eventually Batista showed up to join the party. Just like you might have guessed, it ended in a melee, and Batista dropped Santino like a bad habit. Afterwards, Beth Phoenix got in his face and slapped Batista! After that, BATISTA delievered a SPINE BUSTER TO BETH PHOENIX dropping her on TOP OF SANTINO!!!!!


Priceless & Manu defeated King Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston, and Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas came out dressed as Jim Ross and make some hilarious comments as Ross. He also plugged Jim Ross’s bbq sauce, available at jrsbarbq.com. I figure that since Raw was in Memphis, Jerry Lawler had to wrestle, and he took a lot of punishment from Priceless. Haas ran down to do commentary midway through the matchup, prompting a huge pop! Haas got into the match and the Crowd was finally into everything and anything he was doing. He cleared the ring, and nearly won the match for his team! I kid you not, the crowd was going wild for his antics! Ted Dibiase got the win with a million dollar dream Russian leg sweep combination, and I don’t have a name for that move, but it looked good.

Jamie Noble defeated Paul Burchill

I’m surprised that the WWE is pushing Jamie Noble, even if he’s not always winning, towards the close of the show. This match happened after a lot of main eventers had already gone out there and wrestled. Jamie Noble was fast, and I do mean fast. This match was interesting, if only to see Jamie Noble’s ferocity, he really drove his point home. He went out and attacked Paul until Jamie Noble got an arm lock on him and made Paul submit. I’m more disappointed that wwe is not allowing Paul Burchill to get a better shot, he’s getting trashed by Jamie Noble, of all people! This was a squash match. Post match William Regal came out as boyfriend to Noble’s former love interest. Let’s just forget that Paul Burchill even works for wwe, the wwe has.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kane via DQ

This match was all Kane. Until the end, or should I say after the match, when Evan Bourne came out to save Rey and probably forecasting a handicap match or a future tag team for a title run.

The biggest thing to come out of Raw wasn't the wrestling, it was the announcement that HBK will face Chris Jericho for the world title in a LADDER match at No Mercy!

HBK Ladder

Raw Results 9/15/08
Rey Mysterio defeated Kane via DQ
Jamie Noble defeated Paul Burchill
Priceless & Manu defeated King Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston, and Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho defeated C.M Punk in a Steel Cage Match
Candice Michelle defeated Jillian

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