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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/25/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/25/10 Results

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeated David Otunga & John Cena to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships
Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler
Laycool defeated Melina & Gail Kim
The Miz defeated R Truth
Santino defeated Sheamus
John Cena defeated Randy Orton via disqualification

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/25/10 Review

The show started with Nexus coming down to the ring, with John Cena as well. Wade Barrett said that the audience didn't have to know why they attacked the Undertaker. Wade then went to talk to John Cena, and asked him to explain.

The general manager chimed in after Cena talked about how he did his job. Randy Orton would face any member of Nexus, to determine who would be the special guest referee. The stipulation made no sense to me, simply because the idea of Orton winning. If Orton won, would the loser be referee? Or would Orton be his own referee? Self high five! What's this? DDP!?!?! NO. I just wanted to write that.

David Otunga then got on the mic, and said that John Cena was "against us" and that JOhn Cena should be fired. Wade Barrett then made a tag team championship match between Nexus and the other members of Nexus?!? Yep.

Raw for a change, had me hooked within minutes.

Before the match started, Wade Barrett said, "someone has to do the right thing" meaning, someone has to lie down in the ring. David Otunga was then ordered to lay down in the middle of the ring, which was awesome! Could Wade Barrett have a Mutiny on his hand? John Cena to replace Wade Barrett and turn Heel? That'd be awesome! I'm marking out already! Oh man, this is some great writing!

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeated David Otunga & John Cena

David Otunga literally, let himself get pinned. He looked dejected. It was sad, and afterwards, Cena left considerably upset.We have new tag team champions, that's for sure.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler

In a rematch from last night's best match, these two put on another wrestling clinic. I marked out nicely for Daniel Bryan's full SURFBOARD which hasn't been seen in WWE in a long time. Ziggler managed to fight back, and Daniel Bryan was mopping up nicely. Cm Punk was at ring side, and he was "scouting" talent. I'd love to see a straightedge tag team between Bryan and Punk, considering they two are essentially straightedge. Daniel Bryan was getting legit respect from the fans and even Michael Cole was giving him credit for his offense tonight, and it was awesome. Bryan is so clean and crisp in ring, while Ziggler knows how to bump and make things exciting as well. At one point, Ziggler reversed a Hurricanrana into a pinfall attempt, which was nice. A superkick nearly blew Bryan's head off, and it was hard to write and watch after this point as both men were putting on another classic (at least in my view). Bryan had the Labell lock on Ziggler and Ziggler tapped out like a drunk man, despite Vickie Guerrero having his foot underneath the ropes.

Post match Cm Punk was clapping for Daniel Bryan, and I'm hoping for a Punk vs Bryan match or a tag'd be interesting. They have to change Bryan's music though.

Sheamus and Santino exchanged words backstage, while Toby Keith looked on.

John Cena and Wade Barrett were arguing backstage about the tag title match.

Laycool defeated Melina & Gail Kim

Melina and Gail Kim jobbed to Laycool, simple as that. There was one good point in the match, one good move set, and the rest? Just bad. Just bad.

The Miz came to the ring and cut a promo. Eve came to the ring, which was definitely random. Eve was sparring verbally with Miz. Alex Riley then got on the mic and insulted Eve, which was interesting too. R Truth came out....and blah blah blah, Raw was losing steam for me.

The Miz defeated R Truth

The Miz once again steals a victory, and it wasn't half bad. I am not tired of Miz on the mic, but his wrestling the mid-carders? I'm a little tired of that. I'm hoping he cashes in soon, cause I'd love to see a Miz title run. This match was ok at best, with some high impact moves, and some cool run ins from Alex Riley.

Santino defeated Sheamus

Santino got completely manhandled in the ring. It wasn't until John Morrison ran down and started "coaching" Santino that things turned around. Sheamus was distracted by Morrison, and Santino got a pin after ducking the "Bro" kick. Yep, Santino wins!

Michael McGullicutty and Husky Harris are NOW members of Nexus.

The main event for raw had an interesting stipulation, but let's not forget that we've seen Randy Orton vs John Cena, one million times before. Literally, we've seen them wrestle in every single type of match imaginable, and for that, I didn't care for the main event. The show started hot and then lost me with the SAME OLD BS main event.

John Cena defeated Randy Orton via disqualification

The match was back and forth, and was fluid, as you would expect form these two men. The crowd was definitely divided amongst the two members, and no one man had the advantage for more than a few moments. Ortonw as getting ready to punt Cena into retirement, but Wade Barrett pulled Cena out and cost Orton the match! Orton loses, Barrett then gets pummeled by Orton, Cena is knocked out cold...and I could care less.

The Nexus ran down, and they seriously look huge now. With so many members now, Nexus (AKA NWO 3,000) is awesome. Wade Barrett stopped Cena from beating up all of Nexus, and now that Nexus has 2 new members, they are looking like a major dominant force.

Wade Barrett chose John Cena to be the special guest referee for the world title match. If Wade Barrett doesn't win the wwe title, John Cena will be fired on the spot. Also, Barrett will give John Cena a free pass from the Nexus if Wade Wins!!! I saw that coming, and that makes for an interesting conundrum, and HEEL TURN! FINALLY WWE is doing something right! I want to see what happens, and I know many of you do too!

I didn't absolutely love Raw, but it's the best Raw I've seen in a while, because I care about what's going on, to the extent that the main event is going to be a huge draw at the next want to know what happens next. OH man, finally wwe has got me hooked, and that's awesome.

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