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WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Results and Review

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Results

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission
David Otunga & John Cena defeated Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre for the Tag Team Championships
Ted Dibiase Jr defeated Goldust
Layla defeated Natalya
Kane defeated The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match
Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw in the Bragging Rights match
Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via disqualification

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Review

The latest ppv from the WWE had some decent build up, so here we go, let's see how it went down.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission

Daniel Bryan needs new theme music.

This match started out slow, with each wrestler trying to outdo the other in submission style, mat wrestling, and it seemed that Daniel Bryan had all the right counters. Meanwhile, Ziggler kept leaving himself open and that's when Bryan ran full force towards him with full shots to the head with knees and kicks. Bryan got some chants early on, but eventually the crowd died down. Ziggler had some good control in this match up, but Bryan was the one that was impressive overall. The crowd was completely behind Daniel Bryan, which was awesome to see. Ziggler hit some nice slams, and reverse impact moves, and even countered Bryan at times, showcasing that he has some strong wrestling talent alongside his finisher. Daniel Bryan eventually would get a second wind, and make Ziggler pay, which prompted uproars from the crowd, once again impressing the naysayers, including Michael Cole. Bryan's missile dropkick from the apron was insane! I can't believe how far Bryan can leap off the ropes, and it's just a testament to the guy that he held his own against a much larger Dolph Ziggler. Towards the end of the match, Daniel Bryan tried to do a super backplex off the top rope, but Ziggler countered into a pinfall only to get reversed into a pin attempt by Bryan which prompted uproars and everyone was calling this match of the year for sure. After the nearfalls, the two hit a sickening thud of a double crossbody attempt which really got the crowd going and made this match more than just another opening contest. Ziggler hit a leg drop of sorts but the count was broken up (after 3) because of Daniel Bryan's foot on the ropes! Dnaiel Bryan locked in his Labbel Lock submission and made Dolph Ziggler tap out! A quality opener, a high candidate for match of the night, and the show just opened! It was a very solid, very good entertaining match, something that I've noted about Ziggler in past matches. Ziggler vs Mysterio 1 especially. Bryan wins, and post match, Vickie and Dolph get thrown out of the building!

In the backstage area The Miz praised Daniel Bryan, for

The tag team champions were in the ring talking about how everyone was scared of them, and that there was no tag championship match, but in the middle of their speeches, an email from the Anonymous General Manager came through.

He set up a match with Nexus vs The Tag Team Champions!

David Otunga & John Cena defeated Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre for the Tag Team Championships

This was an intriguing tag team match up, with John Cena and Otunga once again teaming to try and get on the winning side. Cena came out running and fired up the crowd, and despite being forced into this match, it seemed like he had a major chance of getting things going for his team. Otunga started the match, and after getting mauled by the champs, he tagged in John Cena. Cena was not too over powering, wrestling a straight up style and not his typical brawling. It was nice to see John Cena doing MORE than his 5 moves. Specifically pointing out that he did a very nice Snap-Release Fisherman's Suplex and a nice Delayed Suplex. Otunga kept trying to get Cena to tag, but Cena refused, and that changed the momentum of the match up. Cena eventually did his super hero gimmick, without tagging in Otunga and won the tag team champions by making Cody Rhodes tap out!

Post match Otunga was celebrating as if he won the titles himself! John Cena was not thrilled with the over zealousness of Otunga and for his troubles, he gave Otunga a major Attitude Adjustment, then took the titles and left with both belts!

The match was good, but you have to wonder why the WWE Champions could easily be put away by 1 man? Seriously, John Cena single handedly defeated the tag team champions! That was odd, but I'll give it to wwe for continuing the story line quite well.

Ted Dibiase Jr defeated Goldust

Goldust on ppv? I marked out huge! I can't believe that Goldust is on ppv in 2010! Goldust started this match fast, but Ted Dibiase was able to change the complexion of the match slowly, and eventually Goldust was back in jobber mode while Ted unloaded on him. The crowd was going for Goldust in this one, and eventually made this match a nice one. On the outside, Maryse beat up Aksana! Aksana then got thrown into the ring, and that prompted Goldust to get distracted and let Ted get the upper hand in this match up. He eventually won with a ddt, which was a bit odd, but I guess that's that.

Post match, Aksana attacked Maryse, and took the Million Dollar belt! She then essentially seduced Ted Dibiase long enough to get Goldust to hit the FINAL CUT on Ted. Goldust leaves with the Million Dollar Belt and that's that. Not a terrible match, but not a four star classic either. I thought it was quite entertaining, and am surprised that so far, I haven't hated the ppv.

Layla defeated Natalya

Laycool together once again kept their title, with Layla taking most of the heavy lifting. Natalya got a few shots in, but it was Michelle McCool on the outside that made the match interesting. I liked it enough, but it was a short match and really didn't pay off for the "feud" that they've been doing.

Kane defeated The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match

I'm a big fan of the original Buried Alive match and the one where Austin, other than that? I'm not a big fan of this match. The Undertaker had a lot of this match sewn up, but Kane wasn't a push over. Kane managed to wrestle his way to a watchable match, and Undertaker wasn't his "vintage" self. Just one day after punking out Brock Lesnar at UFC, Undertaker had this thing sewn up after a lot of in ring brawling. Undertaker eventually locked in his Hell's Gate lock and rolled Kane into the ditch. He then got Paul Bearer and was going to throw him into the grave too. BUt before he could, out ran the Nexus! Nexus ran out for no apparent reason, making this match awesome! I loved how Taker was getting beat down by Nexus, and that let Kane get out of the grave! Kane hit Undertaker with the Urn, and then threw him into the grave. The Nexus then buried the Undertaker, literally! The feud sucks. The match was barely watchable, but I guess that's ok. I can't believe Kane is still World Heavyweight Champion, and I can't believe Undertaker loses again...after punking out Brock Lesnar. Yep, that's the end of Taker...for now. I guess he'll want a piece of Nexus now too, right?

Post match, the lights went out and lightning struck, and that was that. Nothing else happened. Undertaker is dead? I don't know, I'm tired.

Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw in the Bragging Rights match

This match was ok to say the least. It was your standard elimination match that should've been reserved for Survivor Series, but I liked it enough. It was way better than the Buried Alive match that preceded it. Santino went for the Cobra but was thwarted by none other than Tyler Rex.

Tyler Rex eliminated Santino.

Big Show and Ezekiel Jackson were up next after a quick tag. Mysterio got into the match and was hitting on all cylinders, prompting a tag to Kofi, but Ezekiel started to over power the smaller guys, which looked good, and the match started to once again roll through. Lots of quick tags, lots of non-stop offense, no real rest holds, and that's why this match was way better than the Buried Alive match. Sheamus hit the High Cross and eliminated Kofi.

Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston.

The match continued and it was Rey Mysterio trying to outdo Sheamus, but after some quick tags, this match moved into Raw's favor which was nice. The crowd was going nuts for CM Punk, and started a massive chant at this point. THis part of the match just continued to move back and forth, with Mysterio taking a lot of punishment, before getting blind tagged by Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio and Mysterio had some tense moments in this match, despite being on the same team, including a spot where Del Rio threw Mysterio into the gaurd rail before attacking Cm Punk. Rey Mysterio played up an injury and was essentially out of the match for the time being. Del Rio hit a nice bridge Suplex pin attempt, as Mysterio was looking legit hurt. Eventually Swagger came in, and the All American American American American was doing the Smackdown bidding. Punk was then the focus of the Smackdown attack. Starship Pain eventually landed the Raw team another elimination, and Swagger got tossed.

John Morrison eliminated Jack Swagger.

Tyler Rex somehow maintained a spot on the Smackdown team up to this point, which was odd, cause he's just new. He did quite well against Sheamus and others in this match, so it's interesting to see how they'll use him in the near future. A Bro-kick knocked out Rex, and Raw was still on top at this point.

Sheamus eliminated Tyler Rex.

Big Show came in, like a house on fire and started mopping up against Sheamus. Hornswoggled got shoved hard, and that prompted Show to beat down Sheamus on the outside, which eliminated two people at once.

Big Show and Sheamus were eliminated via double countout.

Only Edge and Alberto Del Rio were left in the ring against most of the Raw team.

Edge started against R Truth, and quickly got behind with Truth hitting lots of moves and yelling "what's Up" randomly. A spear out of the corner eliminated R Truth.

Edge eliminated R Truth.

John Morrison got into the ring and quickly knocked out edge, but not enough to get Starship Pain to land, which prompted another Spear out of the corner, giving Edge the "edge".

Edge eliminated John Morrison.

Punk came into the ring and was immediately hit with the Impaler DDT. Punk missed a spear and Del Rio got into the ring with a blind tag. I wasn't sure where this match was going, but one thing was for sure, Del Rio is the ultimate heel. Punk reversed the Del Rio finisher into a Back Slide, and this match was over! Del Rio was now eliminated, but it seemed like that was the plan for Del Rio all along!

Cm Punk eliminated Alberto Del Rio.

Rey Mysterio ran down and beat up Deli Rio, and rejoined the match. Edge and Mysterio vs three Raw members, and the crowd as was I, were captivated. The Miz finally got into the match, and he was hitting hard and fast, trying to get the better of Edge and Mysterio and win the match for his team. The match was definitely awesome, as was Miz. Mysterio got back into the match but was equalized by CM PUnk, who was still in this match folks!

Rey Mysterio eliminated Cm Punk

Zeke got into the match and immediately started working on Rey Mysterio. He was stomping out Mysterio with relative ease. Mysterio hit Ezekiel with the 619, but an odd exchange between Mysterio and Zeke looked like Mysterio only got a 2 count, but nope, he eliminated Zeke.

Rey Mysterio eliminated Ezekiel Jackson.

That left Edge & Mysterio with Miz solo on Raw. Miz got a lot of help from his right hand man A-Rod. Mysterio got a huge tag, and that prompted Edge to hit a spear on MIZ and pinned THE MIZ!

Edge eliminated The MIz to win the Bragging RIghts match and trophy! A quality bragging rights match with lots of nearfalls, lots of great action, and just an overall pleasure to watch. Despite the botches, despite the weird finishes, I liked it. Edge and Mysterio wins!

The main event officially started at around 2 hours and 25 minutes into the ppv, so that gives you an idea about how much time the final match up was given. I wasn't sure who'd win, but I had a hunch....

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via disqualification

John Cena refused to get involved with the match, despite Wade Barrett asking him too. Orton was in control for the majority of this match up. Wade got in a few shots, but it looked to me as though Orton was in full control of this, including some very stupid looking rest holds. Orton just seemed like he was winning. That's not to say that Barrett wasn't in control at points in the match, it just seemed like Orton was getting the better of the exchanges. The ref got knocked out, which meant that it was time for Barrett to get some help. Cena was then asked to get on the apron and Wade Barrett got thrown into him, causing Cena to go into the guard rail. Nexus ran down and beat up Orton! The ref was still out cold! Nexus was pummeling Orton! This looked like Wade Barrett would get the title! Despite Orton getting beat down by all of Nexus, he still managed to get back into the match, hit his DDT and start setting up his RKO, but Cena managed to get into the ringand attack Barrett!!

Post match, Cena was going to give Orton the title, but Orton hit CENA with an RKO! Barrett wins, but Orton retains! Yep.

Raw will be interested. The ppv was good, with the exception of the Buried Alive match. Wow...this was weird.

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