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TNA Impact 10/21/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 10/21/10 Results

Robbie E defeated Amazing Red
Aj Styles defeated The Pope in a street fight
Beer Money defeated RVD & Sabu
Mickie James defeated Sarita
Kazarian defeated Ken Anderson in an Ultimate X Match

TNA Impact 10/21/10 Review

The show starts with a recap, and the recap is FAR better than the actual show from last week. It's actually intriguing, not having to watch the whole thing unfold for an hour or so with NO wrestling.

Ken Anderson got in ring and talked about how he wants to get Hardy back and another title shot, but RVD came out to talk about how HE deserves the title shot, since he never lost. Then on the screen came Jeff Hardy with an apology...a "raven" style apology.

Eric Bischoff then came out on the mic to talk. He said to tune into reaction...I doubt anyone is watching that show. I know I'm not.

He set up some matches...and I was already trying to poke my own eye out.

Robbie E defeated Amazing Red

This was a very short, very dull moving match. Amazing Red isn't half bad, and Robbie E took a lot of shots before hitting a Diamond Cutter. NO it's NOT the RKO, Robbie E does it like DDP, and it looked nice.

The fans were all chanting "boring". I didn't hate it, I think Robbie has skills, he'll just need other opponents. I'm going to go on a limb and say that Robbie E reminds me of The Model Ric Martel...there I said it. He'll need more in ring and promo work to match the Model though.

The pope cut a promo from a strip club.

After a lot of random backstage crap and "Winter" debuting, it came time for a Street Fight for the Television Championship!

I'm a fan of good street fights, that being said, it's been a LONG time since I've seen a good street fight. I'd say, not since the late 90's have I seen a quality pro-wrestling street fight.

Aj Styles defeated The Pope in a street fight

The match started on the ramp and then quickly got into the ring, and instead of offsetting moves, the two were literally exchanging right's and left's for a good part of the match. The match was looking to turn into a wrestling match when Abyss ran in and beat up The Pope. The rules stated that Fortune couldn't interfere, and I guess Abyss is NOT a member of Fortune?!? Whatever. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam and then Aj Styles pinned The Pope and this was over. Not a great match, but I didn't hate the way it turned out, it's sketchy, but I'll take whatever wrestling I can get at this point.

Backstage The Pope got in Samoa Joe's face and Joe said to get out of his face...and Joe said he has "no ones" back.


Generation Me and The Machine Guns had a little altercation in the parking lot.

Double J cut a promo about how he's awesome and what not...ugh...

Samoa Joe came out to confront Double J and the two brawled, with help from TNA security. They then handcuffed Samoa Joe!!!! Joe tried to fight back but it was 3 on 1, and Joe was getting beat down like crazy! Woo! Joe is a chump, face it! I kind of like Double J's shirt, with the skulls and the guitar, not bad.

Mike Tenay started going nuts on the announce table, as Taz listened in, and that was that. Tenay looked seriously pissed.

Beer Money defeated RVD & Sabu

This match was a train wreck, it was seriously bad. Despite all that, the closing moments weren't half bad. Sabu threw a chair and it hit RVD in the head, and they lost to Beer Money.

Post match, RVD and Sabu started to brawl, and EV2.0 ran out to stop them.

Mickie James defeated Sarita

Sarita and Mickie James actually had a wrestling match. Yep, a real wrestling match, something that hasn't been seen in a long time with TNA. The match started relatively awkwardly and took a little while to get going, but once it got going, it wasn't half bad. The win came after one of the worst kicks I've ever seen.

Post match, Tara ran in and beat up Mickie James.

Kazarian defeated Ken Anderson in an Ultimate X Match

Anderson was beat up in the backstage area, and was then fed to Kazarian. Anderson had his shoulder taped up, and ran in and tried to give some offense, but like the old saying goes, what good is a "one armed man, in a butt kicking contest?" and that was the theme of this match up. Kazarian wasn't having the easiest time, but it just looked like he was going to win with relative ease against a one handed Anderson. Anderson at one point caught Kazarian coming off the X wire and right into the MIC Check, which was quite good! Anderson reached under the ring and found a ladder! Anderson was on top of the ladder and ready to get the X when Fortune ran down and hit Anderson with a nice sit out Powerbomb from Matt Morgan. Kaz was then just lifted to the top of the X and he won the match! Matt Morgan is a legit 7 feet tall, wow...he is huge. Kazarian wins with help. I actually liked this match, it was more than watchable, and light years ahead of a lot of TNA's previous efforts.

Post match, Anderson got a pipe and cleared the ring, but out ran Jeff Hardy and hit Anderson with a very hard chair shot to the back of the head. It looked bad...and Anderson was busted open in the back of the head! I've never really seen a blade job to the back of the head, but it was odd. Hardy then put Anderson's arm inside the ladder and hit it with the chair! Anderson's essentially dead here.

I loved the ending of TNA, and dare I say, it's the best show in wrestling thanks to that awesome ending, and the culmination of the main event. I liked it, wow....Anderson looks legit' hurt. Hardy then argued with the fans, and that was awesome too. Wow...I actually liked TNA's a rarity folks, a real rarity.

The end of the show featured Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff in the back of an SUV and Kurt Angle showing up and breaking the back windshield open! Angle then ran bad.

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