Saturday, October 9, 2010

TNA Impact 10/7/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 10/7/10 Results

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated Tara & Madison Rayne
Mick Foley defeated Ric Flair in a hardcore match
Orlando Jordan & Erik Young defeated Ink Inc
Kurt Angle wins a battle royal (on reaction, not impact)

TNA Impact 10/7/10 Review

The show this week opened up fast with Dixie being yelled at by Abyss. This was a very awkward opening, that looked like Abyss was going to rape Dixie Carter....this was just very awkward.

This was a live show....I guess.

Sting came out with Kevin Nash and the Pope. The Pope cut a promo, and then out came Jarrett and Joe and blah blah blah.....Eric Bischoff set up a match for Bound for Glory. Look for Samoa Joe to turn on Double J...

Mickie James showed up at TNA! I didn't mark out, that's for sure.

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated Tara & Madison Rayne

This match was for the name "The Beautiful People", and it was one of the worst matches I've ever seen. This is a travesty, considering that a few years back TNA had one of the best women's divisions I've ever seen. Angelina Love wins.

Ms. Testmaker or whatever....was talking about Bound for Glory and how there will be a 4 way dance for the Women's Title. The special guest referee for that match is none other than Mickie James! Yep. Mickie James has come to's looking good, but it's sad that she won't have much competition.

Mick Foley defeated Ric Flair

This match was sad. Seriously, I was just sad to see this BS. Foley, way past his prime, Flair way past his time, in a hardcore match? There were some sick bumps, and both men were bleeding like crazy, which was sick. I'm all for these guys in their prime, but this was NOT 2 men in the prime of their careers, this was two old men fighting in a battle for nothing. This was not a pretty sight, it was NOT a wrestling match as much as it was a complete and terrible brawl of sorts. The kid inside me was going nuts, but the adult, was just shaking his head. I am NOT a fan of seeing these guys kill each other, it just doesn't mean anything, especially with so many others on the roster that could be utilized here. Flair lost via 10 count? I don't know, this was stupid...this was completely stupid.

Orlando Jordan and Erik Young cut a weird promo...their a team now? I haven't seen them since Young threw a mannequin into the ring.

There's not enough coffee in the world to wake me up for this piece of garbage....

Orlando Jordan & Erik Young defeated Ink Inc

This match sucked. This match was just stupid. Erik Young was doing everything to ruin the match, he was stopping Orlando Jordan from cheating. This match sucked...Erik Young sucks. Orlando sucks....ugh...nevermind. Worst tag team match ever.

Wow...what a terrible idea....Shore aka Robbie E debuts...I can't believe this bs....this is seriously the worst idea in pro-wrestling.

There was a Battle Royal that resembled the Royal Rumble at the end of this impact, and it ran over time. It was STUPID! I do NOT watch reaction, and well....that was that. WHo won?

Um...let me see here...Moe. Moe wins.

I hate TNA.

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