Friday, October 22, 2010

WWE Superstars 10/21/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 10/21/10 Results

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos
William Regal defeated Darren Young
Drew McIntyre & Dashing Cody Rhodes defeated MVP & Chris Masters

WWE Superstars 10/21/10 Review

Without a major tuesday night show, I feel like I go a long time between wrestling programming. But then Friday morning rolls around and it's time to talk wrestling again to a blog only 2 people read, but that's ok, I like to do it for the fun...Lord knows it's not for the money...geez.

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Usos

Santino has gone from a complete comedy angle, to a comedy angle that can actually move and wrestle in ring. I like how they are making him more of a threat, but feel that it will be short lived. On the other hand, The Usos got mopped up fast with The Scorpion! I don't like these non-meaningful tag matches, at the expense of a "real" tag team. The USOS went from tag team title contenders to jobbers, and that can't be good for the tag team industry as a whole.

William Regal defeated Darren Young

Darren Young is impressive, but not so impressive that he beats William REgal. That's not to say that Darren Young was jobbed out, he put on one hell of a fight against the veteran. I'm assuming the WWE is still teaching Young, because he keeps showing up on Superstars and putting on valiant efforts, only to lose. That's ok with me, I don't mind Darren Young.

The Nexus gave everyone a recap of Monday Night, nothing too cool.

Drew McIntyre & Dashing Cody Rhodes defeated MVP & Chris Masters

This match wasn't half bad, it featured some good back and forth action. MVP and Cody Rhodes made this match quite good, and in the end? Rhodes hit his finisher and MVP landed awkwardly, but the champs win, as is expected. Chris Masters at least got some good overall offense too, but you can tell that this was just a "throw away" match for the most part.

Chris Masters got a black eye and it looked bad, to show that this match was in fact more than just a jobber squash, which is always a good signt. WWE Superstars is definitely a cool show to watch, it's mostly wrestling, longer matches, and little to no talking. I enjoyed it, even though it had really nothing to do with the other WWE plot points or stories, but then again, that's why we all watch wrestling...not soap operas...nevermind.

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