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TNA Impact 10/14/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 10/14/10 Results

Madison Rayne defeated Tara for the knockouts title
Fortune defeated The Pope
Samoa Joe defeated Abyss via dq
RVD vs Ken Anderson (no contest)

TNA Impact 10/14/10 Review

TNA tried to pull a WCW 1996 on the ppv, and you know what? It was one of the biggest lackluster things in a long time, and NO i'm not just jaded on wrestling, it's agreed upon across a lot of podcasts, and wrestling websites.

Abyss, Hogan, Double J and Jarrett all cut promos to start the show off.

They kept talking, but out came Fortune. Flair started to cut a promo about how Fortune is running things.

Flair and Hogan were set to square off, and instead of fighting they hugged! Yep. Fortune is now part of "THEY" too. stupid.

OUt came Jeff Hardy, the champ....mind you this is 20 minutes into the show, and no wrestling. Hardy cut a promo, and he didn't have a lot of paint on or anything.

Out came Sting and Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash got on the mic and cut a "nice guy" promo and said that this time he's NOT going to join "THEY" and just walk away.

Sting got on the mic, and he cut a "nice guy" promo too. Sting walked away too. They just left.

Bischoff got on the mic and said that Sting and Nash would be at home getting FAT, and that's that. 30 minutes of the show was dedicated to "THEY" going off. I remember this same angle 10 years back or so....called the NEW WORLD ORDER. Yep.

Backstage Dixie was asking Sting & Nash to stay, but they walked out. Hogan and Bischoff then confronted Dixie and she slapped the crap out of Bischoff!!!! Wow...backstage...Dixie gave her best performance, and Hogan totally talked her down! Wow. Compelling? Not really, but eh, whatever, I'll take what I can get.

Dixie was thrown out of Hogan's office, and Serj (Dixie's husband) got knocked the EFF out! Hahah. 35 minutes into the show, still no wrestling.

Madison Rayne defeated Tara for the knockouts title

In a "finger poke" of doom match, Tara gave up the belt. Tara laid down for Madison Rayne.

Dare I say, 40 minutes into the show and still NO wrestling.

Mickie James came out and challenged Madison...yawns ensued.

45 minutes and no wrestling.

Kurt Angle came down and cut a promo.

Kurt Angle then got beat down by Double J after he came out and cut a promo on Angle. Angle was handcuffed and beaten and battered, and that was that. Tazz came off the booth and helped Angle, and that was that. Angle's done...Double J has a ruthless streak? That's that...bye bye Angle...I hope he goes to WWE and feuds with the All American, American, American, American, American.

52 minutes and NO wrestling.

We get to see Samoa Joe walking around some beach. He cut a promo on Double J.

So 50+ minutes before we finally get a wrestling match, if you can call it that.

Samoa Joe defeated Abyss via dq

This wasn't much of a match, it was just Abyss dominating Samoa Joe for the most part. Joe did manage an insane move by diving through the middle ropes and taking out Abyss, but other than that, it was just Abyss beating up Samoa Joe. Joe won via dq, and that prompted RVD to come out. Abyss then beat up JOe. But RVD saved the day...kind of.

Ugh...what a terrible night of wrestling.

RVD cut a promo on Hardy. Ugh....

Fortune defeated The Pope

The Pope fought all of Fortune. It's interesting to me that Fortune cheated to win, 5 on 1. Whatever. The Pope got buried, and that's that. I didn't hate the match, and I'm ok with a 5 on 1 beat down, I just wish there was more wrestling on the show.

The Shore had a promo with some chick from the real show...nothing I remembered happened there.

RVD vs Ken Anderson (no contest)

Anderson and RVD put on an ok match for tv. There were some nice reversals from Anderson, but the crowd wasn't at all into this match up. RVD looked winded after 5 or so minutes, and that's just sad. Anderson carried most of the match, even countering the Five Star Frog Splash and Rolling THunder, but it was painfully obvious that this match wasn't going to get a finish...yet again.

Bischoff came down, pulled the ref, and out ran Jeff Hardy. Hardy beat up Anderson and RVD with a chair. Yep. That'sit.

The last moment was awesome.

Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on RVD onto a chair that had Anderson's arm in it. SICK finisher!

TNA is terrible, the non finish matches, the 1 hour of setting up the second half of the show...NO x-division match, no tv title match, no tag team titles match...geez...why even have a wrestling show?


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