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TNA Impact 10/28/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 10/28/10 Results

Robbie E defeated Jay Lethal in a New Jersey Street Fight
Tara, Madison Rayne, and Sarita defeated The Beautiful People & Mickie James
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me and Ink Inc
Douglas Williams & Aj Styles defeated Raven & RVD
Matt Morgan defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Chain Match

TNA Impact 10/28/10 Review

Could TNA Impact be good two weeks in a row? Maybe it could, maybe it couldn't. One thing is for sure, they hooked me last week, let's see if they can do it again.

We start the show with Mickie James fighting Tara backstage. It was a psuedo street fight, and it looked interesting enough. Madison Rayne helped Tara, and out ran The Beautiful People to help fight off Tara. Then out came Sarita? I don't know...everyone looks the same to me now.

Ric Flair came down to help calm things down, and he was about to fight the women, but didn't throw a punch! He kept getting slapped, which was hilarious!

Ric Flair started making matches, and what not, which was interesting enough.

The Pope was rolling a casket into the arena.

The Pope cut a promo on Abyss. Abyss then cut a promo, and then started shoving fans, and that's about it. This was stupid. I HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE ABYSS! ABYSS SUCKS, HE IS THE WORST TNA WRESTLER OF ALL TIME! That's right, FIRE ABYSS!

Robbie E defeated Jay Lethal in a New Jersey Street Fight

This match was in fact just a standard street fight. It didn't exactly have "classic" written anywhere on it, and it was just your standard brawl. It's odd to see a "street fight" instead of a true x-division match, considering that the whole point of the division is to showcase cruiserweights and their overall stayle of wrestling. Cookie sprayed Lethal in the face with hairspray or something, and Robbie E hit a nice neckbreaker for the win! Robbie E wins.

Robbie E won a title shot.

EV2.0 were in the ring, and RVD was called out. RVD was NOT having it and wanted to beat up Raven and Sabu...but out came Ric Flair with Fortune or the Immortals, or I don't know who.

Tara, Madison Rayne, and Sarita defeated The Beautiful People & Mickie James

Mickie James is NOT the same as she was in WWE. She's not that good, and it shows when in this match up. There were a few good spots, let's not throw away the whole division here, but it's not nearly as good as 2 years ago. This match was ok at best, and it had a few good moments. Sarita got the win after the match broke out into a full blown brawl.

Backstage the pope and abyss brawled.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me and Ink Inc

This match was very rushed. Spot for spot, this was nothing too complicated, but it had enough momentum to showcase the talents of all the teams. Generaion Me stopped the title change when Ink Inc had this thing sewn up. The Machine Guns got the win, and that was that. This match was so fast, that it didn't have much of an impact, and therefore, was actually not that great. Generation Me's promo was quite good before the match started, but the actual match? Not good by any stretch of the imagination.

Post match, Team 3D challened the Motor City Machine Guns to a title match.

Douglas Williams & Aj Styles defeated Raven & RVD

This match was not good at all. It was terrible, one of the worst tag team matches I've seen in a long time. Douglas Williams and Aj Styles argued amongst themselves. They worked with each other well enough, but this match was just a cluster of moves and random movements. Raven was taken out by Flair, RVD got mad at him...I didn't care. You didn't miss much.

Mr Anderson was supposed to fight Jeff Jarrett but Matt Morgan came in to stop the match from taking place. Matt Morgan was the sound of reason here, and Double J antagonized him to the point where Anderson was replaced by Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Chain Match

Did Matt Morgan just turn face? I don't know. Jarrett got completely manhandled in this chain match. Eventually, Jarrett hit the Stroke and won, which was surprising to me. Morgan was busted open, and while he got the last laugh, this match was won by Jarrett.

Post match Morgan beat up Jarrett, but Fortune or Immortal or somebody came down and beat up Morgan. The group then "hanged" Matt Morgan by some chains! Yep. No one came down for the save, that was it. TNA sucks.

It's official, TNA Impact sucked. I don't care about any of the story lines, nothing really makes that much sense. The wrestling sucked...ugh...last week was way better, way better.

on a side note, I bought Fire Pro Wrestling 2 for my GBA, it's fun. Best wrestling game on a handheld by Nintendo yet. Well, except for that really early WWF game I used to play a lot.

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