Friday, October 8, 2010

WWE Superstars 10/7/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 10/7/10 Results

Chris Masters defeated Vance Archer
William Regal defeated Darren Young
The Usos defeated The Hart Dynasty

WWE Superstars 10/7/10 Review

Chris Masters defeated Vance Archer

This match was a lot longer than I would've wanted. The match went on for a while and it was a slow moving, power move filled, rest hold match up. There were some stiff hits here, but overall, this match was basically to help get Archer over. Masters continued to carry a good portion of this match with a well received a comeback. Archer eventually lost via the Master Lock. Yep.

Post match, Hawkins attacked Archer. I guess that means Archer and Hawkins are no longer a team? whatever.

William Regal defeated Darren Young

Darren Young was taken out by Regal, but not a squash in any way. Darren Young showcased that he had a few moves, and the crowd was actually into it. I liked Young's offense, and I liked Regals tactics. Young would eventually lose this one with a stiff kick to the face, and Young looked like he was legit knocked out. Young loses, but he was in there with a very harsh William Regal. I think Darren Young has a real future ahead of him, and I hope he takes out the Nexus...but it probably won't happen.

The Usos defeated The Hart Dynasty

This match was something we've seen a million times before. The Usos finally do what they couldn't do for a long time, and the crowd was into it, which was odd. Unless it was piped in. The Usos won after a big splash and the Hart's once again are on the losing end. Look for them to split and go singles.

THat's the end of the night.

There's a new announcer on Superstars named Scott something...and he didn't do half bad.

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