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WWE Smackdown 10/29/10 Results and Review

WWE Smackdown 10/29/10 Results

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swaggger defeated Kaval
The Divas had an eight man tag match
Big Show & Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes
Edge defeated Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio

WWE Smackdown 10/29/10 Review

I'm dead tired today. Just way too tired lately.

The show started with a recap of Taker getting Buried alive. I hate the Kane vs Undertaker feud right now...just sooo sick of it. I don't give 2 craps about it! There's no reason to! What a boring ass feud.

Kane cut a lame promo about Undertaker, no one cared, I didn't that's for sure.

Alberto Del Rio came out in the middle of Kane's random stupid speech. Could Del Rio be the next World Heavyweight Champion? I'd pay to see it happen. Del Rio beat up Kane, but Mysterio came out and tried to attack him. Edge then came out as well....Mysterio hit the 619 on Paul Bearer, which was cool.

Vickie Guerrero came out in a full leopard suit! I kid you not. Vickie has lost some serious's all I will say about that.

Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler

This is the third helping to this series of matches and once again it delivered. Another classic victory for Bryan, terrible theme music, and overall a good match. Ziggler looked great in defeat, and Bryan once again proves that he's quite good. Lots of great spots here, lots of great reversals, the Zig Zag and the Sleeper Hold, but that didn't get the win. Vickie in the Leopard suit is actually not half bad...I must be seriously tired.

Jack Swaggger defeated Kaval

Kaval once again, just got beat. Kaval did get a good amount of offense, so it wasn't a complete squash, but Swagger wins yet again. Swagger made Kaval tap out, and he's just a glorified jobber to say the least. He's on an epic losing streak, much like Mikey Whipwreck, hopefully it pays off in the end.

The Divas had a costume was boring...I didn't want to see it.

The Divas had an eight man tag match...not sure who won.

The match had all the divas in costume trying to wrestle. It was terrible...I couldn't tell who was who, and someone won...or no one won...I don't know what was going on.

Big Show & Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes

This match wasn't a classic, and it only served to break up the former tag champions. Big Show won in impressive fashion yet again. Big Show and Kofi as a tag team? Why not? The match was watchable, but only because I knew Show would get the win with relative ease.

Edge defeated Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio

Edge became the #1 contender here, which was cool. The final spot was great. Del Rio had Mysterio up on his shoulders and Edge speared Del Rio, giving Mysterio an Electric Chair at the same time! Edge wins, he'll probably get the belt, Kane will retire, and I'll go back to sleep.

Smackdown was ok at best, not really as captivating as Raw, but then again it is the "B" show.

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  1. I don't usually comment your posts , because i'am Portuguese , and My English is ... kinda rusty , but whatever .

    I really like the way you write and all that :DD

    This week , you're tired ... what's going to happen next week ? :P

    About Wrestling , i tryed to find a Stream to watch Fan Apprectiation Day , but i coulnd't find out .

    I just watched the "The Divas Halloween Costume Contest" ...

    I was like , WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ?

    Melina = The Flash ?
    Alicia Fox = Cleopatra ?
    M.Cool = LADY GAGA ?
    ... I just now that the Team of Kelly Kelly and Melina Won .

    Congratulates for the Blog !
    FTW :D



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