Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Results and Review

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Results

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation ME
Tara won a four way match to win the Knockouts Championship
Ink Inc defeated Orlando Jordan and Erik Young
Jay Lethal defeated Douglas WIlliams
Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball Match
Kevin Nash, Sting & The Pope defeated Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson to win the TNA Title

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Review

I'm late on this review because I was busy trying to get a job all weekend. So far, no good. 13 months, jobless...I don't like blaming the recession, but this is getting ridiculous.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation ME

The opener featured two teams that had been itching to face each other for quite sometimes. This match had high-spot after high-spot, and it just kept going. Generation Me kept hitting some tandem movies, and nothing was more amazing than Jeremy's 450 splash off the top with his brother holding one of the Machine Guns, it was insane. My only complaint about these high spots is that they never seem to have any major effect on anyone. That's my only complaint, because other than that, this match was just a fast paced, no psychology type match that featured so much tandem action, that it didn't even need a referee, because no one was tagging in and out at times. The Motor City Machine Guns win this one, and what a 20 minute match up, it had every spot you could possibly have in a cruiserweight match, and it really got the crowd going nuts. I don't like spot fests, but they are sure entertaining, that's for sure. There's just no reason to have so much action and have little to no payoffs...it's just stupid. It was entertaining, don't get me wrong, it's just not very "cerebral" I guess....not a 4 star classic, but not a terrible match.

Tara won a four way match to win the Knockouts Championship

One of the worst matches in women's wrestling history was this four way. It was seriously the worst match I've ever seen. The best part was after the match when Mickie James clobbered Madison Rayne.

The Knockouts are the WORST wrestlers in history, this match sucked beyond compare, seriously, the worst, I can't believe this piece of crap match.

Erik Young is an idiot...I hope he gets fired.

Ink Inc defeated Orlando Jordan and Erik Young

Erik Young cost his team the match when he got in and beat up Orlando Jordan. This was a comedic match with NO real purpose other than to be stupid. This was the dumbest match I've seen in a long time, worst than the Knockouts! This is just stupid, and I"m sick of this terrible booking.

Jay Lethal defeated Douglas WIlliams

Even though lots of time was spent on Jay Lethal, no one cares about him nor Williams in a match. It was stupid to say the least. Sure there were some nice moments, and Lethal can wrestle, but NO ONE CARES about this because it's never on tv and it's never really pushed. TNA has things so backwards, that by the time Lethal won this match, I was ready for a coffee break. I'm sick of this lousy booking, and random matches...Lethal can go, I'll give him credit, but I just didn't care for this match because I didn't see it coming at all, and I review TNA Impact every week, so it shouldn't surprise me should it?

SHORE beat up Jay Lethal. He wants the X-Division TItle. I'll take it...Shore isn't half bad. THis could be the best villain that TNA has created in a long time.

Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball Match

The worst Monster's Ball match I've ever seen. This is the worst Van Dam match I've seen, and I've seen RVD put on some stinkers. Not only did this match suck, it didn't have nearly the impact that you would expect from these matches. Abyss eventually turned into an idiot, and lost. I don't know what to tell you guys about this one. It was just a stupid hardcore match that didn't even go anywhere. There were a few broken boards or something, but seriously? This was the poorest excuse for a hardcore match I've ever seen...seriously, worst hardcore match ever. I said it.

Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe? If Van Dam nearly died, why does he win so easily? Ugh...what a boring ass match. RVD and Abyss put on a terd of a match, sorry.

Kevin Nash, Sting & The Pope defeated Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett

Samoa Joe worked on three guys and managed to hold his own for the most part. He was basically winning at all points of this match up, and it was interesting to see Joe having to fight for his life. He was going to get the hot tag, getting Double J into this thing, but Double J left him. He then got beat down by three men, and yet there was no dq? Yeah. Samoa JOe got killed by the three monsters, and fromw hat I hear, Nash is done with TNA.

The match was stupid. Joe was left out cold in the middle of the ring. I'm so tired of lame booking. Terrible terrible match.

EV2.0 defeated Fortune in a Lethal Lockdown Match

This match was insane. It was terribly booked, it was crowded, it was stupid. There was blood, there were high spots, broken tables, fighting on the top of the cage, inside the cage, and on the floor. It was like a Bunkhouse Stampede match, only it was terrible. It was slow moving, and just didn't really do much for me.

Did I mention I still don't know who "THEY" are, and I still don't know what the big surprise for TNA was, or what would change things? This thing was stupid, to say the least. This ppv up to this point was just terrible, seriously, it was just terrible, so much wasted hype.

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson to win the TNA Title

The main event is what you'd expect from TNA. The three men really went toe to toe with each other, and there were a lot of close calls, tandem moves, and even triple moves at some points. I thought Hardy had this thing sewn up several times, and Angle looked to have won this match at several stages too, but for whatever reasons, it just wasn't meant to be for each man. Eventually, the match broke down and it was just Angle and ANderson left in ring, and after the REF took a major bump, this thing looked to be doing terrible.

Bischoff ran down to the ring with a steel chair and was going to knock someone out, but out came Hogan with crutches! Then Hogan and Bischoff were going to fight, but Hardy turned and hit Angle! Hardy turns HEEL! HOgan and Bischoff were supposed to be in on it too? Hardy hits ANderson too. Hardy then pins ANderson and wins the match. Yep. Hardy turns heel, Bischoff and Hogan turn heel too, and we have a new champion.

Screw job finish. No major surprise.

FIRE ALL TNA WRITERS, FIRE RUSSO, ugh...why do I still watch wrestling? I wish I had a life or a job...something...anything.

Double J and Abyss come down and I guess this is they? I'm sick of this bs...ugh...what a terrible night of wrestling. If you paid for this, ask for your money back, this was stupid. STUPID. UGH. I'm so sick of wrestling....of this stupidity. TNA sucks so bad!

RVD ran down and of course he got a beat down. Worst TNA ppv ever!?!?! Yeah...pretty close.

What about the ranking system?

Who kidnapped Joe?

Nash is done with TNA?

Angle didn't win, so he's retiring?

I'm done folks...ugh...what a terrible ppv.


  1. I have been following your blog for many years as my primary source for wrestling updates whenever I am not able to watch it.
    Now a days either the wrestling is seeing its biggest and baddest downfall or probably its just you. I don't find it that bad either as much as you make it sound. I wish you get a job very soon and relax and calm a bit. Probably then the world would seem a bit different.

  2. you're wrong, plain and simple.

    listen to the wrestling podcasts like smart wrestling fan and dasharpshooters and you'll see that i'm not the only one that hates on these things

    listen to the crowd chat "boring" and "bull shit" in tna

    i give credit when it's due, but often, it sucks

    and i am relaxed



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