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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/14/11 Results and Review

Monday Night Raw was in my old home town, but I was stuck in Moscow Idaho, sucking it up like a chump. Three huge matches were announced, and I was excited for what could happen, and we get right into the first major match up, it was Punk and Cena and there must be a winner!

John Cena gets such a huge reaction, I gotta admit, I'm starting to warm to Cena. Cena started the show with a promo and worked the crowd. CM Punk was getting a huge amount of offense in this match up. He was hitting some great moves, in and out of the ring, and I was completely impressed with this match. PUnk is the real deal, he's not just a small guy, he's a great performer and wrestler! Punk was getting into trouble, and while out on the floor, out of nowhere, someone gave CM Punk a chair, but when the ref took the chair, out came an arm with a WRENCH! PUNK USED A WRENCH! CENA then gets hit with the GTS and Cena gets pinned! I LOVED IT! GREAT RAW MATCH! I LOVED IT!

CM Punk defeated John Cena

Alberto Del Rio cut a promo, and that prompted Edge to come out! The two brawled and it looked like Edge was going to get the upper hand, and he seemed to have Del Rio right where he wanted, but Del Rio didn't just roll over, the two brawled until Edge hit a nice spear and Del Rio was left outside. Edge got a huge crowd reaction, man, I wish I lived in L.A. still.

Vickie Guerrero came out and got some of the most heat I've heard in a long time. What a crowd! Dolph Ziggler came out and was introduced as the new World Champion! Ziggler came out to astounding boos. Vickie then accuses Edge of attacking Teddy Long.

The divas match was quite good, and I was surprised at how much time and effort was placed into the match up. This was a Lumberjill match and the two put on a good amount of offense. This wasn't just flopping and botching, there were some unique points, and good ending. The brawling outside was lame, and the finish seemed weird, but Eve got the win via a pinfall. The two shook hands, and this match did end up being better than 90% of the other divas matches I've seen in the past. I was impressed, that's for sure. Natalya loses yet again, but it wasn't a squash at all.

Eve defeated Natalya

Mark Henry was coming down to the ring but out came Sheamus to beat him up! Sheamus hit a BRO Kick (which is what I call it), and that was that. Sheamus got on the MIC, and said that he's going to knock everyone out of the Elimination Chamber this weekend.

The Miz got a shot at Daniel Bryan one on one, which was awesome! The two started fast and furious, with The Miz seriously pushing Bryan, despite being less experienced in pro-wrestling. The Miz was putting the boots to Bryan, and it was interesting to see. Bryan threw Miz out to the floor and eventually hit a nice Knee drop to The Miz off the apron which was nice. Bryan's Missile Dropkick was amazing to see, and the crowd was excited for this one. Miz managed to hit one hell of a move, a neck breaker from the second rope onto the apron ont he outside of the RING! It was sick looking! After the break Bryan hit a HUGE power bomb off the top, then kicked the hell out of Miz! This was seriously the best match I've seen on free tv in a long time! The Miz was completely getting worked here, this was not an easy match for the Champion. The Skull Crushing Finale was hit and Daniel Bryan loses to the Miz, but it was NOT easy...not easy at all, great match for the Miz and Bryan, I loved it.

The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan

Next up was a good overall tag team match up. John Morrison and R Truth worked together to put on a great entertaining, fast paced match up. Morrison and Truth were all over the place, and McGullicutty and Otunga couldn't match the power. Mason Ryn awas also on the outside, and that was interesting to see too, he looks like little Batista, it's weird. THe match was good, nothing crazy, just a good back and forth tag match. Truth and Morrison make a good team.

John Morrison & R Truth defeated Mike McGullicutty & David Otunga

They let some little girl from The Chaperone do the Khali kiss Cam! This was lame.

The new 2/21/11 promo was crazy, and UNDERTAKER was completely shown inside the house, then lights went out, and it showed a weird guy outside the cabin...and that was it. IS IT STING?! No... I think it's just taker...I wish it was Sting.

Sheamus and Orton put on an interesting match up next. It was a little slow at first but Orton would dictate the pace towards the end, speeding through some great moments as Sheamus was making rookie mistakes. I was surprised with Sheamus in this match as he was able to put on a good match with great counters. The Irish Curse backbreaker was nice, the Super Plex was a nice touch too, and this match was great right into the RKO! Sheamus gets buried here, and loses yet again to Super Orton.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus

Post match, out ran Punk and the new Nexus. That prompted John Morrison to come down and beat up Punk! Then came out R Truth, trying to stop R Truth, then came out John Cena! Cnea was hitting anything that moved! This was just bedlam! Then there were RKO's everywhere! Cena and Orton completely cleaned up house and were left standing up to Nexus. So Nexus can be taken out by 2 men? Not much a team. Lame.

A mysterious woman came out of a Limo. Then it was announced...the host of Wrestlemania 27!

THE ROCK! THE ROCK HAS FINALLY COME BACK TO THE WWE! THE ROCK IS THE GUEST HOST OF WRESTLEMANIA 27! THE ROCK! THAT's RIGHT! THE ROCK! DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN! THE ROCK came out to the crowd, and was completely welcomed, and the crowd went completely insane for this. I marked out a little, but I'm not a big Rock fan. The Rock cut an insane promo that was NOT PG, and it was great to see him.

He said that he was going to lay the Smackdown on someone at Wrestlemania. Before he could finish, the Anonymous general manager got a new message and The Rock completely killed Cole on the mic, and on the manager! The Rock called out JOHN CENA! THE ROCK CALLS OUT CENA! CENA VS THE ROCK WOULD SELL TICKETS! That's for sure! The ROCK completely buried John Cena! This is strange, I'm not sure I like this. The Rock completely buried John Cena and said that at Wrestlemania The Rock will see everyone at Mania. Wow.

I AM NOT thrilled with the Rock. Sure, it was an entertaining promo but he completely BURIED the WWE! He completely buried the product, did NOT go PG, and this was just insane. This was just insane, so stupid. I don't know, I'm not sold on this, I marked out initially but wow, The Rock buried the current generation of stars and wow...that was that.

Raw was great, don't get me wrong, but I am not 100% in agreement with this ending, I'm just not. I'm sorry.

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