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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/11/11 Results and Review

The first thing I noticed was that without the commercials, Smackdown was only 1 hour and 13 minutes long. That's NOT 2 hours of wrestling at all. Of all the DVD's I missed in the last few years, I'm not going to miss the Royal Rumble 2011 dvd, now that I've seen the recap from the opening of Smackdown. We had a recap of last week, which is great for me, since I missed it last week. The editing from the WWE is phenomenal, I love it. They really made last week's main event look incredible.

I love Greenday's previous works (from their 7" records to Warning) and their new work sucks, complete with the Smackdown song, it sucks. Whatever happened to those idiots?

The show opened up with my favorite heel, ALBERTO DEL RIO! A little throwback to my personal name, Jorge ALBERTO! JORGE ALBERTO DEL RIO! I like the sound of it, but you, you already knew that.

Del Rio had a full valentines day set, and Kofi kingston wrecked it completely, and chased Del Rio out. It was a nice throwback to all those shows from the past.


Kofi Kingston and Del Rio locked horns in this next match and I thought it worked out well. Kofi had a great fast paced offensive style, meanwhile Alberto Del Rio was trying to counter and slow things down, but he wasn't able to contain all of Kofi, until mid way through the match. Booker is a great color guy, I loved it. I HATE Cole. The end of the match had Del Rio putting on his arm bar and that was that, Kofi tapped out. A good competitive television match, and something that Raw isn't getting 90% of the time, but you, you already knew that!

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston

I absolutely love how over with the crowd the tag team champions are. Santino and Kozlov get a reaction better than ANY other tag team in WWE. The corre is awful.

Justin Gabriel took a great deal of offense to Kozlov, which was interesting to see indeed. Gabriel should be his own man, he doesn't need to be with Corre at all. Kozlov used a lot of power moves, and it was actually interesting to see. The Corre at ringside interfered but Santino was outside regulating with a COBRA! Kozlov eventually went forward, right into a 450 splash and lost!

Justin Gabriel defeated Kozlov

After the match, The Corre beat up the tag team champions.

Up next Drew McIntyre faced Chris Masters. These two jobbers suck. This match was ok to say the least, and no one cared. Masters did throw up some nice moments, including a nice throw up sit down power bomb! McIntyre won after Masters flew off the top rope and couldn't recover. McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT on Masters and this match was over. Goodbye Chris Masters...hope you enjoy TNA.

Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters

Everyone on the internet keeps talking about how Rey Mysterio is injured, but after watching him against Wade Barrett, I'm calling BS on the whole thing. Rey Mysterio was all over Barrett and with a quick distraction out came the distraction and Wade got the win. However, the real story here is how can Mysterio be injured and perform so many spots with relative ease.

Wade Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio

The Corre came out and beat up Mysterio. Maybe they'll have an injury angle here? Big Show came out to help Mysterio and the Big guy took EVERYONE out!

BROOKLYN BROOKLYN! OUt came JTG to wrestle next and I didn't care, you didn't care, and Shad is doing a comic book. Things got even more boring when Kane came out. The Big Slow Machine. Kane buried JTG and he's going to be joining NEW JACK in TNA to reform the GANGSTAS.

Kane defeated JTG

Eve put on a show against Layla. I couldn't believe how much offense Eve Torres put up here, and really looked improved. Eve eventually hit some great spots including a standing moonsault, a Russian legsweep, and great dropkicks. Despite constant interference by Michaelle McCool, Layla still lost the match to Eve!

Eve defeated Layla

Post match, it looked like Laycool is on the verge of breaking up.

I still mark out huge for Edge and his entrance. He's the man! At least his entrances are.

Edge and Dolph Ziggler put on another great match up. The two work really well together and Ziggler is one of the best performers that the WWE has made in a long time. He has a lot of great in ring presence, and despite a terrible name and weird gimmick, he has overcome the stupidity to make one heck of a heel against Edge. The crowd was way into this match, yelling Vickie Sucks! The match would have many nearfalls for Ziggler, and Vickie would get really desperate towards the end, eventually setting up a spear of her own on Edge! Vickie ran straight into Edge and Edge didn't even budge! That was a great moment in Wrestling history! She then said she was injured, while she was distracted, Edge hit Ziggler with a huge SPEAR! However, because there was no ref, no one counted the pinfall. Edge then speared Ziggler again and Vickie saw it this time! Out came Clay Matthew of the GREENBAY PACKERS and he counted the 3 COUNT! EDGE THEN WON THE MATCH! Thanks to a little defensive help!

Edge defeated Ziggler

Overall this night of wrestling was the best of the week. I loved Smackdown and I'm hoping that the draft is done soon, so that some of the other guys get more wrestling action in. I loved watching and cheering for a change, although Michael Cole ruined it for me.

Michael Cole at the end of the show kept screaming out DOLPH ZIGGLER IS THE NEW CHAMPION! It was annoying as hell, and I'm hoping they fire him. I know, it's a long shot.

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