Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sting Is Big News

sting vs taker
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The biggest news coming out of all the wrestling media websites has been this idea that Sting is going to face off with the Undertaker. I for one, and hoping that the WWE does in fact sign Sting and just pays him a bus load of money to fight Taker. I believe that both of these wrestlers can put on a good overall match, even if it's the final Sting match. Sting is 51, Taker is in his late 40's and neither man is getting any younger. I think that the two could put together a string of moves to mystify the audience, and eventually Sting could end in the WWE, buried by Taker, only to retire.

What good could come of Sting signing with WWE, even if he's buried by Taker?

Well, just as a matter of speculation, I'm sure 90% of the WWE audience would love to see a full Sting dvd set. I personally would love to see a 3 disc set with a FULL documentary of his wrestling career from AWA, WCW, and even a partnership for TNA. Since WWE owns all the archives, I would love to see the matches that Sting has had in the past. They aren't all half bad either, and it would rock hard.

Being buried by Taker can't help the Stinger, but Sting is older and doesn't need a full run in the wrestling scene, and that's just my opinion.

I noted that Sting signed to WWE, and it appears that the rest of the internet world (like me) wanted it to happen, but as of late, it sounds like a fantasy.

We'll have to wait and see.

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