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TNA Impact 2/10/11 Results and Review

Ah yes, I finally get to sit down and watch TNA. I know that this is going to be a train wreck, as I heard "They" was just Forchan or whatever they call it, and I can already hear crickets going off for the story lines that the TNA creative team is pushing, but maybe, just maybe they can do something better....we'll see.

TNA Impact 2/10/11 Results

Immortal came out and it looks like a bunch of jobbers instead of the main event status that you'd hope for. THe members are seriously bad, including Double J, Karen Angle, the security guards, the hardy's and more. It's sad.

Fortune came out while Bischoff was cutting a promo and they have new shirts. They stood face to face with Immortal, and they squared off verbally. After some words were exchanged, they fought each other and out came Crimson, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner hit the ring and cleared everyone out. That was that.

Bischoff was backstage trying to recruit Super Mex to join Immortal.

This was supposed to be a tables match or something, but it started off as a complete brawl. Joe and Pope ran off, the Dudley's were fighting on the outside. Matt Hardy for once didn't look bloated and fat, but maybe it was just the file I was watching. Rvd and Hardy fought each other and it looked like Hardy was drugged because he was taking some odd looking bumps while RVD was trying to compensate for his opponents obvious impairment. BUlly Ray got in the face of Devon's kids and the kids jumped the rail and held Bubba's legs while Devon shoved him through a table and that was that. This match was over. A lousy match with a cool spot ending, I guess I can't complain that much, it had some good moments, specifically Devon's kids jumping the guard rail and helping Bubba fall through a table.

Rvd, Devon & Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray, The Pope, and Matt Hardy

Karen Angle isn't THAT ugly, I don't know what the internet is saying.

Jarrett said that if Angle wins the match on sunday, Angle will get custody of the kids?! Oh man...this is just bad. Jarrett stated that if he wins Angle will renew her vows with Double J live and Angle has to walk down the aisle and give away Karen Angle in marriage to Jarrett. This is stupid, that's what I would be chanting. Nothing really happened with the contract signing, no one got beat up, it was just a waste of time.

This was an 8 knockouts tag match, but no one said anything they just kept announcing women. Rosita was introduced as a new knockout and she's really small. She's a lot smaller than the other divas and isn't quite as good. That didn't matter, the rest of the knockouts fought each other and this match was a cluster of a battle. Rosita got the pinfall victory, and that was that...a strange kind of match.

Sarita & Rosita and Tara & Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love & Winter and Mickie James

Madison Rayne and Mickie James will battle this weekend in a Last Knockout's Standing match. There was a promo, but it was lousy.

I'm not sure why they would have a title match the Thursday before a ppv and then have Jeff Hardy cut a promo like he's the champion! What the heck!?!

Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan put on a very safe looking match. This match wasn't at all anything I'd expect. It was safe until the ref bump and that's when Hernandez hit the ring and beat up Matt Morgan. Morgan would get thrown into the ring and Anderson would pick up the scraps and get the win. The match for the most part was boring, and tired. Anderson is NOT a charismatic champion, the title belt looks like a divas belt, and on a ladder outside the ring was Jeff Hardy just watching.

Ken Anderson defeated Matt Morgan

Hernandez then beat up Anderson, and that was that.

The x-division triple threat was the highlight of the night. Robbie E, Suicide and Brian Kendrick had an interesting match with lots of high spots, lots of reversals, and just a battle in a fast match. This match seemed as though I was watching in fast forward because things just kept going forward and the match seemed like it was going to get Suicide over, but instead it was Robbie E and Kendrick that impressed me most. After some distraction from Cookie, Robbie E would get the win.

Robbie E defeated Suicide and Brian Kendrick in a triple threat match

The line up for Against All Odds was run down, and it was not impressive. I feel sorry for anyone that is going to pay money to see it, because it's a terrible card.

The main event wasn't even about the WORLD TITLE! THis is the same problem I have with WWE sometimes. They make their titles seem unimportant.

Jeff Jarrett teamed up with Jeff Hardy to face off against Kurt Angle and Aj Styles, and something was awry up front. Aj Styles had the same tights he's always had, which doesn't seem to change anything since he just turned face, right? He should update his look a little. Angle started the match after a tag in, and Jarrett ran away. Hardy and Angle locking up was interesting to see, and it was very obvious that ANgle still has some amazing wrestling skill, despite being in the worst wrestling company going today. This match took a lot of rest holds, and through a lot of commercials, you had to watch some of the worst wrestling. Sure Angle can go, but Hardy was just sloppy and throwing some terrible offense at the olympic gold medalist. The match sped up towards the end and Angle and Styles took it to the bad guys here, and Aj Styles would eventually get the pinfall, thanks in part to a distraction by Karen Angle. Aj hit a nice splash and pinned Jarrett.

Aj Styles & Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy

Post match Jarrett hit the stroke on Angle and Styles. Hardy then came in and hit the Twist of Hate. Fortune hit the ring, IMmortal hit the ring, and everyone just started fighting.

This night in wrestling was some of the worst I've seen in a while. The matches seemed clustered together, and performed with lazy attitudes. The story line is so convoluted, and I really don't care about the title picture. There's no tag team titles? The x-Division title isn't going to be defended? What happened to the tv title? See, there's a lot of terrible points for TNA and it doesn't need to be this way.

Oh well. Lots of random crap to end today's wrestling posts...I'm going to sleep now.

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