Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Comment Policy

Thanks to a few you idiots there are NO MORE comments allowed after 7 days, at least not in the traditional sense. If you have something to say or want to talk wrestling, be quick and comment. After around 7 days, I'm closing the comments to that post.

The reason for this is 2 fold:

1. No one ever seems to comment.

2. People want to resort to personally attacking me and my situation as if I could change it.

Let's just clear the air.

I can't get a job because there aren't any to be had in my city. I am stuck in a lease and can not simply just move. After the lease is over, I will be leaving and never looking back. In the mean time, I've been applying to a variety of companies and NONE of them are hiring. My city was hit with the recession to the point where the only way to get a job is to literally move out of this city.

Yes, there are a lot of sites out there, so why comment and be abusive on this one? Screw you! The people that left "anonymous" comments aren't even man enough to post their names, so for you cowardly few, you have ruined the chance to comment for others.

As for the downloads, and other crap. There are NOT a ton of sites offering that. Trust me, I already know this. I am not going to go into detail my frustrations, but I will say this much: When you pay someone to use their servers and links, and they aren't working, you get upset. If you PAY for something and it is not delivered, I think there is a valid excuse to say screw it.

That's it for now.


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