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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/7/11 Results and Review

I'm back in action with a review of Monday Night Raw. I'd like to thank all 2 readers that sometimes read this website. I completely understand that there are other sites, and I'm not worried about being #1 or anything, I do this because I personally love this crap, and yes it's been crap lately.

MR. McMahon showed up first and foremost. The crowd went nuts too. I'd love to meet McMahon, and discuss a few things, mainly how I can work for him as a web guy. He came out to a mediocre reaction with mixed feelings. McMahon said he'd introduce the guest host of Wrestlemania will be, and it sounds to me like it will be none other than Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton came out and cut a promo, and it sucked. I can't stand Orton. Cm Punk came out to answer Randal! Punk said that he interfered in the match up because at Unforgiven 2008 Legacy beat the crap out of Punk and then PUNTED HIM in the head! I remember that vaguely, and it's nice to see that the WWE is using some older material to get motivation for Punk.

The New nexus came out and beat up Orton, for a few moments, and while Orton fought them, Punk was able to have his henchman beat up Orton. Punk recieved a bloody nose for his troubles as Orton didn't go down easily. Orton was then hit with a gruesome GTS, and that was that. Orton went down like a heap, then was mocked by Punk.

Faketista, Mason Ryan, Batista Lite, Batista 2, whatever you want to call him wrestled R Truth next and it was a relative squash match. Ryan beat up Truth than used a weird submission move to defeat Truth. I didn't know what the crowd was chanting, but I know what I was chanting, Batista! Batista! Oh wait, this is Mason Ryan. I really hope the WWE can get batista back so he can stand face to face with faketista!

R Truth defeated Mason Ryan (after the ref reversed the decision)

This match sucked. It featured minimal wrestling and lots of chatter with Michael Cole yelling at Natlya on commentary, and it sucked, I hated it. The match was ok, but Cole's ranting and yelling was so stupid that I couldn't get into the match. Eve won with a neckbreaker, I didn't care. Whatever.

Eve, Gail Kim and Tamina defeated Melina, The Bella twins

A new 2/21/11 promo aired and it had a Johnny Cash song in the background, which signals the return of The Undertaker, not Sting. I wish it was Sting...I guess I too got caught up with the whole thing.

McGullicutty might not be able to talk well on the live mic, but he has improved greatly in ring. He put on a good quick match with John Morrison even though Morrison was the one that got this thing won. Starship Pain actually landed and that was the end for Mike. Morrison isn't half bad at all, I like him.

John Morrison defeated Mike McGullicutty

Post match, CM Punk sprayed Morrison in the face with some sort of spray! Punk is all over the show, doing bad things, He's going to get completely beat down....it's just a matter of time before everyone unites to go after him.

Lawler and Miz squared off verbally before they ended up in fisticuffs. Lawler and Miz fought each other and Miz was not looking great at all, he was getting beat up! Ted Dibiase ran down and beat up Lawler. Daniel Bryan ran down and the General Manager made a match.

Daniel Bryan started the match quickly, with good offense. Speaking of which, when's the last time we saw a US Title defense? What a lousy title run. This match was your standard tag team match with Lawler and Bryan teaming well, and Miz and Dibiase taking a lot of bumps. After some outside grappling, Lawler was able to pin Ted Dibiase for the win!

Jerry Lawler & Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz and Ted Dibiase

Sheamus came out and talked trash, Otunga also came out and trid to get some shots in agaisnt Sheamus. Henry beat up Sheamus and then Otunga came out and raised his own hand. This was NOT a match, it was just a beatdown.

Out next came Alberto Del Rio, but you, you already knew that. Del Rio got on the mic and talked about how he was the next guy to go headline Wrestlemania. Santino ran down and Del Rio and Santino started going at it.

Del Rio first and foremost threw out Del Rio over the top rope! If he won the Royal Rumble, I truly believe WWE could mold him into a contender, but whatever. The match was actually more than just comical, it had a few good offensive moments from Santino, and Del Rio had to counter several times, and wasn't completely dominating. Eventually Del Rio would get his arm breaker on Santino and that was that. The winner, and you, you already knew it was Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino

I haven't liked my middle name since Del Rio came to WWE...so I'm cheering for the guy! Woo!

John Cena, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler sparred on the mic, with Cena going over, and that was that. I was tired at this point, and didn't care. As much as I can stand Cena a little more now, I don't really like him on the mic sometimes. I miss the old Rapping Cena, I wish they'd turn him heel, but you and I both know that is not going to happen.

John cena and CM Punk had an interesting encounter, and it was cool to see. Cena was definitely getting the best of this exchange. Punk was getting completely killed in this match, and eventually was hit with a huge low blow and Cena was disqualified. Out came the New Nexus to fight Cena, but Cena wasn't going down without a fight as King gave Cena a chair.

Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

Cena was in ring with a chair and last man standing. That was that. Raw had some good moments, but with a lack of substantial wrestling and an overtly "story line" driven night, it wasn't all that great. I'm not sure if I'd get too behind this night of Raw, but hey, it was nice to watch wrestling again, after missing so much of it last week. We'll see how this continues.


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