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TNA Against All Odds 2011 Results and Review

TNA Against All Odds PPV

The crowd seemed hot for this one, and it was nice to hear. I wish the announcers talked about it. THe opening match had me pumping my fist, that's for sure...because Robbie E and Cookie can really create some heat. I am a fan of Robbie E, even if I'm the only one.

Robbie E faced off one on one with Kaz, and the match was really fast paced, with lots of fast moments. Cookie got involved and I was marking out for the old school ending, but when Kaz kicked out of a roll up after getting hit in the face with a boot I saw this match slipping away from the New Jersey bad boy. Kaz would eventually get the win, after the Fade to Black Reverse Tombstone, and the crowd went wild. NOt a terrible match, but it left a lot to be desired from me. These guys can put up a better match, even if all we got was this one. Robbie E should have the title, if I do say so myself.

Kaz defeated Robbie E in the X Division Title Match

Immortal came out with the body guards (Gunner and Murphy, and Rob Terry) came out for a match, and I already hated it. ROb Terry is so huge, that he should've kept that feud with Orlando Jordan. They were building it up to be quite good. Beer Money would get a shot at them, and they are just wasted here. Big Poppa Pump came out to join them, and he's the only big name in this match up. I think I might mark out huge for an Undertaker vs Steiner match, just for the meeting. This match wasn't a complete waste, but it was apparent that Robert Roode and his partner were carrying the work load. Steiner was way over with the in ring crowd, which was nice. Steiner delivered a top rope Frankensteiner!!!!!!! I kid you not, TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER! Scott Steiner hit one hell of a move and I marked out huge, alongside the rest of the crowd, wow! A HUGE FRANKENSTEINER saves the day!

Beer Money & Scott Steiner defeated Gunner, Murphy & Rob Terry

Samoa Joe and The Pope put on a good enough match. I'm always surprised at how Samoa Joe can move in ring. He can really go, despite how fat I perceive him being. He started this match fast and the crowd was all about it. Joe has some great finesse in ring, He seems to float through some of his moves, and it's really good. The Pope, on the other hand, seemed a bit lost at several moments during this match up. The Pope took the turnbuckle pad off, and this match seemed to lose momentum when Joe was almost thrown into it. The Pope reversed a nice roll up into the Kakina Clutch and I was amazed! What a finisher.

Samoa Joe defeated The Pope

Post match, the Pope seemed impressed, but not hurt. Joe won the physical battle, but Pope is winning the psychological warfare.

Up Next, was the Knockouts match, and wow, what a waste. Mickie James botched several moves, and this thing was going terrible. The match was boring, and things were saved by Tara, she ran down and helped the flow of this match. Mickie James and Madison really made for a good overall second half the match, and I loved it, only because Madison took out a pair of Brass Knuckles and KNOCKED OUT Mickie James while the ref was distracted and won this knockouts match! The brass knucks get the mark out moment in this match up. I guess I'll pass it because I marked out huge, oh and I guess I called the match right huh?

Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James in a last woman standing match

Super Mex and Matt Morgan had a confrontation, and I hated it.

Matt Hardy cut a promo, it sucked. He is really trying to be Raven. It was weird.

Matt Hardy wasn't really good here, but he is losing weight gradually. He wasn't as bloated as I've seen him in previous years, and he put on an ok match. RVD did NOT put on a great match, and I think it's the caliber of opponent here. There were some nice spots to follow, including a unique submission move that I haven't seen in years. RVD would lose this one after a botched attempt by hardy to hit a Moonsault. The crowd was losing steam here, and that's when RVd would get the win with the Five Star Frog Splash.

RVD defeated Matt Hardy

This match wasn't really that good. Bully ray and Devon fought each other brawling all the way. The match really got interesting towards the end, with Bully Ray putting Devon in handcuffs to the ring post. His sons ran in and they got beat down. Yes, Devon's kids got beat up, one went through a table too, it was sad. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Bully Ray pinned one of Devon's sons...this was sad.

Bully ray defeated Devon

Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett put on a good match, although nothing comparible to many others. Karen Jarrett kept getting involved and would cost Angle. Kurt really did manage to put on a few good shots on Double J including suplex after suplex. Jarrett looked frustrated in this match at several points, including when Angle kicked out of the Stroke. The momentum shifted when the ref took a bump and Angle went to the outside to brawl with Double J. Jarrett introduced a chair and Angle couldn't use it, and this match got some steam again, and I was actually cheering for Kurt Angle! I wish Angle could get a shot at Taker, on a sidenote. Karen distracted Angle in the corner and after The Stroke was hit from the middle rope, this match seemed over, but nope! Kurt made Jarrett tap out at one point, but the ref was distracted! Jarrett was able to turn things around, and got Angle in a sick roll up! JARRETT WINS! JARRETT WINS!

Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle

Post match it just seemed sad as Angle genuinely looked sad, and he started crying and left his boots in the ring...signaling retirement.

There hasn't been a main event that has been so lame sounding, than this one. I tried to avoid spoilers, but I knew what would happen, and I was saddened to see this is the main event.

One of the worst Ladder matches I've ever seen happened here. There were some nice brawling points, but there was no drama, no real enthusiasm here, and Jeff hardy got the win, surprise surprise. What a lousy ending, I can't vouch for this, this sucked.

Jeff Hardy defeated Ken Anderson in a ladder match

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