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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/31/11 Results and Review

Fresh off of a great Royal Rumble, in my view, we get this week's Raw. I wasn't sure what to expect with the night after the Rumble, but I'm sure there was going to be a lot of people clashing. I for one couldn't believe that santino lasted so long before getting eliminated, and was hoping he'd get another shot.

First thing's first, out came a mariachi for Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio got into the ring and got some major boo's from the audience. The Miz came out and immediately cut a promo about how he's so great and Del Rio should face Miz. The Miz was trying to get Del Rio to pick Edge, and not Miz for his title match, and right before Del Rio could go ahead and pick him, out came EDGE to a huge ovation. Edge got a huge pop. Del Rio then picked his opponent, the World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that will be at Wrestlemania! If Edge is still champion he will face Edge. Alberto than grabbed a guitar and completely knocked Edge out and then grabbed Edge's arm and locked it into an armbreaker to much heat. I liked the opening here, and I for one am a huge Del Rio fan, simply because my middle name is none other than ALBERTO! Yep.

Santino and Kozlov fought two parts of the Nexus and were getting completely worked. McGullicutty put the boots to Santino and Husky managed to prove that he truly is like a tank. Kozlov would eventually get the tag and after a hot tag, Santino would get the win with none othe rthan THE COBRA! Yes, The Cobra defeats two members of the new Nexus. I still think Santino should've won the rumble.

Santino & Kozlov defeated Husky Harris & Mike McGullicutty

Randy Orton ran down and hit Husky and Mike with RKO's. He was hissing, from what I could tell, and was acting like a snake. He got a huge ovation, and that was that. He just came out and hit everyone, and the crowd went nuts. Orton was setting up Husky for the punt of his life, but was thwarted by Punk, who came out on the mic and told Orton not to do it. Orton then looked like he wasn't going to punt Husky after all, and took an exhausting amount of time just standing there, he then Punted Husky to oblivion, and ran out of the ring and throug the crowd! Orton punted Husky!

Ted Dibiase Jr came out and talked some trash with Lawler and then Lawler said that he was going to go to Wrestlemania and win the royal rumble, which prompted Ted to punk out Lawler, only to get punched out cold! Yep. Lawler punched out Ted Dibiase. I'm hoping that Lawler completely punches out Cole sometime soon.

A weird promo was made, which I assumed was Awesome Kong. All it said was 2/21/11 and that's it. I'm not sure what it meant, or who it was for.

This match was boring. Daniel Bryan got Tyson Kidd into the Labell Lock with relative ease. Kidd is on his way to being fired. I like Gail Kim, I'd love to hang out with her for a while. I don't like the Bella Twins.

Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd

This next match was champion vs champion, and it was interesting to see. The match was moving fast, and Edge seemed to be the better of the two, despite The miz getting some nice shots in. Edge tried to get the spear on Miz but hit the turnbuckle, and as Miz was getting this match in the bag, John Cena got on the mic and got the whole crowd to chant Miz is awful. Edge hit the spear and pinned Miz!

Edge defeated The Miz

The divas had a tag match and it was boring. There were a few nice moments, but a few moments don't make a great match. Laylacool win again, and Eve gets pinned. Layla has a nice finisher, and McCool interfering was good.

Laycool defeated Eve & Natalya

The Usos got killed in this match, which was nothing but a dance contest. This was the dumbest thing I've seen on raw in a long time.

Khali & Mark Henry defeated The Usos in a dance contest

Another weird ad was shown. It was dark, rainy, and just really dark. It simply said 2/21/11...I'm not sure what it is.

The next was a Raw Rumble match. 7 Men will enter in 9 second inervals, and regular rumble rules applies. The winner will face the WWE Champion at the PPV next month, and the rest of the six will be in the Raw side of the Elimination Match, fair enough? I hope so.

The man who drew #1 was none other than John Morrison

The man who drew #2 was none other than Sheamus

The two opponents fought each other with relative ease, not speeding through the match but having some good overall bumps. Morrison seemed to be getting the better of the exchange early on.

#3 John Cena

John Cena drew #3 and came out to a great ovation, and started mopping up immediately. He started with mopping up Sheamus easily, getting the crowd riled up. He then tried hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Morrison, but it was reversed and Cena got knocked out with relative ease.

#4 Cm Punk

The leader of the new Nexus was the guy that came out next, and he had a vendetta with Cena. He came in like a house on fire, hitting anything that moved, and completely knocking out everyone. He was the freshest man, and was doing a great deal of fighting, which was good to see overall.

#5 R Truth

Truth and Morrison both were nearly eliminated and both threw themselves over the top rope and back into the ring. The heels were all over the faces in this one, as Punk and Sheamus seemed to be taking control. The crowd was cheering for Cena like crazy.

#6 Jerry The King Lawler

Lawler was the next man to get called in and he wasn't half bad. He hit everyone with right hands, and was getting a chance to shine. He got a nice Jerry chant from the crowd, and he was giving it his best shot, and nearly eliminated Cm Punk at one point.

#7 Randy Orton

Orton was the 7th man, and Punk went underneath the ring to hide. Orton immediately was looking for him, under the ring, eventually got a hold of Punk's leg and dragged him out from under the ring. He then went to pummeling Punk. The match finally got all 7 members, and it was cool to see. Punk was immediately eliminated, and R Truth then eliminated Orton! It looked like it wasn't planned, which I liked. John Cena eliminated R Truth, and nearly got Morrison out. Morrison then got Cena over the top rope, and as Morrison and Cena were fighting on the apron, Sheamus nearly got eliminated! Three men were on the apron and only Lawler was left in the ring! This was high drama for sure, but all three men eventually got back into the ring.

All four men were back in and Sheamus was nearly Eliminated, and this match was definitely one of the best things I've seen in a long time. A great way to end Raw after a great Rumble. Cena got Sheamus into an STF and it didn't matter, but Morrison hit Starship Pain on Cena, and wow, I was marking out for all four men in this match, including Lawler who nearly eliminated Morrison! Sheamus hit Morrison off the apron with a Bro kick (i know it's broad or whatever), eliminating him. Cena, Lawler and Sheamus were the last people left.

Lawler was trying his hardest to get John Cena eliminated, and it was surreal to say the least. Lawler was pushed into Cena and that eliminated him, and Sheamus tried to Bro Kick Lawler, and he got eliminated next with help from Cena, leaving none other than JERRY THE KING LAWLER as the WINNER of the Raw Rumble!

JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER won the Raw Rumble

Jerry Lawler will face The Miz at the Elimination Chamber. I can't imagine Lawler winning the WWE championship. I just can't imagine him winning but you never really know.


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