Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ecw Preview 3/13/07

Tonight on ECW, there's going to be a brawl. A battle royal between the two rival factions on ECW and it's unfair. That's right, it's unfair for guys that are way past their prime to be wrestling guys that are brand new and fresh in the industry. Learning aside, nothing good can come of this, and I'm reluctant to call a winner, but I think the new breed might edge out a victory, just barely.

How do you end this one well? Orton can be made to look horrible if he loses to Lashley, and he could look strong if he wins. But what if Edge spears Orton on the way to a victory? It happened at ECW's One Night Stand. So why can't Edge screw orton of the victory? Simply put: ECW needs Lashley to look strong on the way to Wrestlemania. Can he beat Umaga? Well what if Umaga comes out to mess up the match? I don't know, but this is a match that might be worthwhile to note.

Ecw on Sci-Fi comes to your television tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm.

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