Monday, March 5, 2007

Kurt Angle Likes To Talk Smack

Kurt Angle hasn't been in WWE for a while now, and although he's an untouchable in the world of Amateur Wrestling, when it comes to professional wrestling he doesn't have a lot to back up his recent claims.

Granted he's a good pro-wrestler and his background helps him greatly, however he's been taking shots at a few guys that he can't really hold a candle to right this moment.

Batista is the main guy that he's talking about in a recent interview with a men's fitness magazine. Apparently Angle doesn't like Batista's wrestling style and says he can't wrestle bigger guys. That's true, I believe that, but Batista is so over with the crowd at this point that He can get away with murder. Just like John Cena, who has a limited arsenal of moves, but is so over with the kids that he makes money and doesn't need to be a Dean Malenko or Chris Benoit out there.

Angle also took shots at UFC Champ Chuck Liddell and that's wrong. I don't want to see Angle in MMA and it's going to be interesting to see if those comments cause a major sway in the UFC movement, or if they are just outlandish comments by a former WWE superstar.

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