Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tna is Hush Hush

"TNA has declined to comment on accusations of Kurt Angle receiving steroids from Florida's Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. As we reported earlier, Angle received these steroids while he was under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Both The Associated Press and ESPN have mentioned Angle noting his Olympic gold medal."

Why be quiet? Just tell them that Kurt Angle isn't on the steroids now. Or something.

Then again they have Big Poppa Pump.

The rumor has it, that while WWE tried to make Scott Steiner take a Steroid's test before continuing to perform with them. Steiner replied simply, make HHH take one at the same time.

The WWE dropped the idea.

So instead of just offering some solace to the situation, it was all taken care of and Steiner was released after a few matches with HHH.

Remember that when Steiner joined, they immediately threw him to the main event.

Do steroids help?

It seems to be likely.

More on this news at it develops.

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