Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hardy vs. Hardy ECW 3/27/07 Notes

Rob Van Dam def. Elijah Burke

This is a no brainer. I still believe that Mr. Burke is still trying to play the Low-Ki card and isn't that great. I liked Orlando Jordan's look a lot better. RVD picks up the win with the standard moves, and it looks like he's not even happy where he is at.

This guy is a main eventer, he shouldn't be wrestling some random jobber.

Snitsky def. Balls Mahoney

Balls Mahoney is still on the roster? Wow. He's jobbing to the worst addition to ECW. I would rather watch an Al Snow vs. Test match.

Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Finlay & Randy Orton def. CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Edge

YES! The Heels win big on this one, but not without a little ending to showcase what may occur this Sunday! The Hardy's are going to tear each other apart if need be, but the heels are so good in this match. I don't like Randy Orton, but the others are class acts and are going to put on a show to rival any other ladder match ever! That's a bold statement, but I believe it could happen.

This show packed a lot into one hour, which is a nice change of pace, but still, it lacked the high caliber that ECW should have.

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