Thursday, March 1, 2007


I am not affiliated with WWE nor do I work for them whatsoever. All images, rights, and things are reserved for Titan Sports, WWE INC and all their things. They own, and are sole proprietors to the licenses for all the wrestlers, superstars and names used in this blog. I do not get paid by them, nor am I affiliated in any way shape or form. All things written in this blog are a responce to their programming. I'm a wrestling fan, and am just talking about the things that are relevant to pro-wrestling, and am not seeking any financial kickback from the WWE or to speak negatively towards them. They are solely responsible for their own items, and am not claiming to own any of the copyrights or properties found on this site. Thank You.

I Jorge ALberto Orduna write this blog on a daily basis and is written under creative commons. I therefore declare that this blog is not under any infringement or copyright malpractice as I am writing opinion and news in the form of free speech.

Thank You.

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