Saturday, March 17, 2007

Smackdown Review 3/16/07

Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy

I didn't see Hardy winning this match at all. Kennedy was killer, he was attacking the limbs of hardy and taking out his high flying arsenal. It was amazing, it was incredible, it looked as if Kennedy was channeling Bret Hart, he kept going to the injured leg and arm, and right when it was going to end, Hardy pulled a Twist of Fate from a fireman's carry for the win. While Kennedy shined through the match, Hardy finally gets a major win. The NJ fans were going nuts for Hardy, and the heat was on for Kennedy, this was a very enjoyable match.

MVP def. El Grande Latte

This was a major squash. This was insulting.

Benoit vs. MVP for the U.S title was announced for Wrestlemania. I hate these squash matches. I was hoping Mistico was going to come out, but no chance.

MNM def. WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Ashley

This was sort of lame. I don't like MNM and I think the champions deserve more fan fair than they receive. They do things that no other tag team on the roster can do. What happened to Duece and Domino? Where did they go? That's all I'm saying about that.

Kane vs. Daivari (No Contest)

Daivari took a major beating. That is all.

King Booker vs. Undertaker (No Contest)

This went wild. No clear winner, Finlay got tossed into the announcers table, Undertaker stared down Batista, the main event at Wrestlemania is going to be intense. Booker could've won, but this was declared a no contest.

Smackdown was once again great, I love this. Raw should take note, because Smackdown is taking over the ratings and viewers in all major demographics. Especially with that opening bout. Wow...KENNNEDY!

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