Friday, March 9, 2007

WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2007 DVD Review (revisited)

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena Vs. Umaga (with Armando Estrada)

I didn’t see Cena walking out of this match alive. But somehow the guy did it, he managed to take a fury of onslaught and punishment. This was the best last man standing match that I’ve ever seen. Umaga threw everything except the kitchen sink at Cena, and demolished him wth a flurry of lefts and rights and the Samoan Spike as well as all sorts of moves, to try and get Cena to stay down, but failed. Late in the match Cena managed to slap on the STFU and with a rope for leverage made Umaga go to sleep for the win. This match was brutal, and I enjoyed it far more than any other Cena match that I’ve seen in a long time. Cena deserves the belt after going toe to toe in this match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista Vs. Mr. Kennedy

Mr. KENNEDY!!!!! I love that enterance, and Batista was pumped in this match. He actually impressed me with some good selling on the knee injury. Kennedy was fighting to the very bitter end to try and win the match, and after dismantling the giant, he fell short to the Batista bomb. It was a great match, and Kennedy deserves the title at this point. He would make a great heel Champion, or even if he turns face, it would be a great thing to see MR KENNEDY as champion. Batista barely escapes this one, but Kennedy had the match nearly won on many occasions.

ECW Championship Match
Bobby Lashley Vs. Test

This match bore me to death. This match is a television match and not a ppv caliber match up. I’m still not completely sold on Bobby Lashley, I’m sorry. He has no mic skills and he just is another Brock Lesnar, except Lesnar had a ton of moves, and this guy has like 5. I hope he gets better, because as it is, he’s not very intense to me. I can’t beat him up, but I know a few dudes that probably could. Test included. Test loses of course.

The Royal Rumble Match

This match was great. I love the Rumble match as a stand alone match, and it lived up to the reputation. It saw some feuds begin, and saw some new comers get in there and duke it out with the veterans. I wasn’t completely sold on the ending, where Undertaker threw out HBK in his home state! But then again, who can blame him? With Undertaker declared the winner, we see the beginnings of Wrestlemania 23 shaping up.

Over all this was a great day in professional wrestling. The match was great, and the Undertaker is going to have to do a lot more than Kennedy did to defeat Batista. I hope he wins, and then takes on KENNEDY!

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