Saturday, March 10, 2007

WWE Smackdown 3/10/07

World Heavyweight Champion Batista def. Kane

Batista vs. Kane was actually a better match than I would have imagined. Kane was controlling most of the match, and then came the finish which saw a batista bomb on kane in the late rounds. The match was actually well booked and the finish made sense.

Undertaker def. Finlay

Finlay was great. He is not scared of the taker and it showed. He is a top notch heel and although he's not getting super heat, he's getting really good in the ring, as he's always been. I remember even in WCW he was a great wrestler, he shines here amidst a late flurry of attacks. Finlay wasn't a match in the end, but with one weeks notice, you can't blame him.

King Booker def. Matt Hardy

All HAIL KING BOOKER! I love this character and this match had so many near misses and near collisions that it held my attention as a solid opener. King Booker has so much heat on him, and Hardy has so much cheers that this match was a great opener! The match saw Booker winning with an assist from the Queen, which made sense, and was quite the win for KING BOOKER!

Mr. Kennedy def. CM Punk

I didn't expect a CM PUnk match, and I was kicking myself because I missed the SABU vs. Mr Kennedy match on ECW. This match was solid too, although CM Punk's offense is questionable to me. Mr. Kennedy looks like a sly veteran as he wins this one with a great comeback. No cheating needed, and CM PUNK jobs to the veteran.

Overall this was a great show. I didn't like the constant Wrestlemania promo's because as a wrestling fan I already know the show is going to happen, and don't need a constant reminder while I'm watching wwe programming.

This show was better than Raw, and way better than ECW.

This weekend there's a TNA ppv, but I won't have a review for that in a long time.

That's it for now.

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