Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Raw 3/5/07

World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton

This is old. This reminds me of the times when The Rock vs HHH was every main event on ppv and otherwise for about 6 months! Or what about HHH vs. Shawn Michaels all the time? I'm tired of seeing these guys wrestle each other. Although the match wasn't too bad, it's just already been done so many times to me. At least it feels that way.

Intercontinental Champion Umaga def. Jeff Hardy

Umaga is not half bad to me. I think he's got chops, and Jeff Hardy is in line for a world title shot, and we'll see what happens in the Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. Umaga wins again, what a surprise. They have to make him look strong going into mania since Lashley is looking better right now.

Chris Masters def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Master Lock Challenge)

This is stupid. I hate how the legends gt no respect.

WWE Women's Champion Melina def. Mickie James (Falls Count Anywhere)

This is when I went to the bathroom.

Ric Flair vs. Carlito (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match; No Contest)

Ric Flair is so old that this match didn't really make a whole lot of sense to me. Carlito has been on a de-push for a long time. He's so talented yet WWE is burying him, and unless he gets a shot at UMAGA this match is lame.

WWE Champion John Cena def. Johnny Nitro (Disqualification)

This is boring to me. Cena doesn't need to wrestle Nitro who's been on a losing streak. He should wrestle Umaga, but that would defeat my previous notions.

This weeks edition of raw was lacking majorly. I'm not going to give this a passing grade, I'm going to yawn and just go back to listening to my cd's or soemthing.

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