Friday, March 2, 2007

I Don't Want Wrestling On MTV

I never liked the idea of MTV trying to get wrestling on to their network, and apparently neither did MTV as they have cancelled the show after 4 episodes. According to the ratings, the Wrestling show is not the least watched program on MTV, and I'm sure they can easily pawn off a show that is not produced by themselves, than to admit that they might have made a mistake by allowing a weekly show on their network.

According to recent developments, it appears that Wrestling Society X retains all the rights to the show, but then again, why would MTV want to associate themselves with a failed show? Point is: They Don't.

Remember the animation shows on MTV that were getting a lot of promotion and now are nowhere to be mentioned. Including Aeon Flux, 3rd South, That stupid High School show with the president etc, and of course that failed Spiderman show!

MTV should play music videos again, and forget all about their stupid need for programming. I don't want to see some Football idiots in the midwest, I want to see some Metal and some mayhem! Then again, I like Football.

I just wish more music was played on the network.

Wrestling Society X may show up on dvd soon, and that's where it will die. WWE is still number one in the wrestling world, with TNA a very distant second, and WSX a failed promotion.

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