Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coach Replaces JBL

I didn’t like JBL all that much, but I don’t like Coach. Coach sucks. He has no chemistry with Michael Cole, whom I dislike as well, and it’s mind blowing to think that WWE is going to go forward with Coach replacing JBL. JBL is not too bad with Cole, but Coach?

When’s the last time Coach did commentary?

Heat? Raw?

This brings up an interesting point though. Who can replace J.R and the King?

Where are all the broadcasters out there that like wrestling at?

Is there none?

What about a fan like Joey Styles? Even though styles has dropped in his prowess of calling matches like he once did in ECW it’s interesting to see what develops with this.

Will Smackdown ratings drop? Will you stop watching?

I know I’m going to have a hard time getting through the show with the new announce team like it is.

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