Wednesday, January 30, 2008

C.M Punk Doghouse, WWE Hd, and Oakley? (news and rumors)

Is C.M PUnk in the Doghouse? Some are saying that he is, and that he is going to be there for a while. Apparently he's botching moves, laughing about it, and not listening to the road agents in the wwe. Ouch. That would explain why he has lost the ECW title, he lost to edge, and is now chasing the ECW?

Wait a minute!

That doesn't make sense to me. If he really is in fact in the doghouse, why is he even on ECW with Chavo? I liked the Pinata angle, I think that's what feuds are based on.

Oh well. had a cool post about wwe hd. I don't get hd, but I think it's a smart move on the wwe's behalf.

Oakley sunglasses has an awesome ad campaign coming. Here's a sample...ooooh...ah....

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  1. I was surprised that Chavo took the belt but I guess it's to advance the whole Edge-Vickie- family story. I'd rather see Shelton Benjamin as ECW champ to tell the truth though.

  2. Well, Benjamin will have a few pushes left in his career I'm sure.



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