Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chuck Palumbo is Undertaker Lite

Have you noticed a rising trend in the mid card of the WWE lately?

It's basically a rehashing of old ideas onto up and coming stars or stars returning for more attention to see if they can get over in the character and get the timely push that all superstars dream of.

Last night on Smackdown I was wondering what the Undertaker was doing back with the biker gimmick, and it turns out that it was not the undertaker at all it was PALUMBO!

The exact clothing of the biker taker, and the hair all wet and combed back, same style motorcycle....what is wrong with the wwe? Do they forget that Taker was this character for so long?

The major difference is that the Undertaker actually won matches every now and again, meanwhile Palumbo is losing left and right.

Sadly...Palumbo is Undertaker lite.

Did you also notice that WWE didn't really talk about Chavo Guerrero online. What was Guerrero talking about to Ms. Guerrero?

I think he means he wants his Cruiserweight title back.

Smackdown was ok...I didn't expect the ending, and I don't believe Mysterio will defeat edge at the Royal Rumble, plain and simple.

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