Sunday, January 27, 2008

Royal Rumble Winner & More

The latest from the Royal Rumble is spectacular:

Y2j Sucks...he's saving no one.

Orton barely edged out Hardy.

Flair goes out on top...(not losing)

but most importantly the winner of the Royal Rumble is none other than.....


That's right, John Cena returned shocking the wrestling world and throwing out HHH.

The Winner of the 2008 Royal Rumbler is John Cena!

What do you think?

I marked out huge...I'm a girl...(not really...but yeah...marked out huge)

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  1. A great move by the WWE to keep Cena's entry quiet and surprise the fans. Of course now it looks more obvious he will go to No Way Out and take the title back. The Wrestlemania main events should be real good though.

  2. I know this post over three years old, however I couldn't help but notice it. I had the honor of being at the Garden that night, and it was absolutely astonishing. The Cena return was beyond deafening (albeit mixed from my nosebleed seats).



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