Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Randy Savage and Sting Dvd's Cancelled

Last night’s Raw was really good, surprisingly, the WWE is pushing the Hardy/Orton angle further than a lot of angles in the past. However, this is not to say that Hardy is not being set up for the ultimate fall as I said in the past.

Hardy is being set up for a fall. That’s what I’m saying, and haven’t heard anyone disagree, yet.

But more importantly the news that has come out yesterday is bigger than any one thing that happened on raw last night. The news coming out of the internet and wwe.com is that the Sting DVD and the Randy “Macho Man” Savage DVD have been cancelled. They were both suppose to see the light of day later this year in three disc sets featuring the best matches from their wcw and wwe/wwf careers (sting only wcw) and that was cancelled.

Speculations are running high as to why in the world this has gone down the way it has, but I think it has to be about a young Stephanie McMahon with an older Randy Savage!

Ok so it’s most likely not that, but it’s odd that Savage is the only one not in the hall of fame, or even thought of in regards to coming back. The only time he’s ever mentioned on wwe is during the promotions or flashbacks of wrestlemania III. Something is going awry and no one ever seems to have the full story.

So what’s up? Why is McMahon blocking Randy Savage?

He’s blocking Sting only because Sting is currently under contract with TNA and there might be some copyright issues with the name. But wouldn’t it help Sting to do business on a dvd? He’d be set for life with the sales of that thing.

Right now Sting vhs go for HUGE on ebay.

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