Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flair is Goldberg 2008

Did you see this one coming?

I didn’t want to believe that it was going to turn out this way, but it sure seems like this is going to be the tradition with Ric Flair and the continuation of his career or at least his angle of not losing matches.

Flair last night fought HHH but you knew neither one was going to lay down, but if one were to pick a person to get the three count or to job for the other, it would be Nature Boy taking the fall for HHH right?


Last night Flair picked up a win over HHH in one of the worst endings in wrestling history.

I saw this one coming as soon as the match was getting good. Apparently Flair is going to be the next Goldberg or something, but instead of dominating the opponents he faces, he’s going to be ripe for the final pin, only to get clobbered by an outsider, or to fall to a dq win over the better talent on the roster.

Can the WWE continue to promote this brand of product? Especially since it’s the most advertised portion of the show!

Flair is great, but his course in wrestling is done. Make him lose and take JBL’s place over on Smackdown and that’s final.

As for the rest of raw….I could do without the talk, and have more wrestling.

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